How to Use the Mobile Presentation Units (MPUs)


Connect your computer to a Mobile Presentation Unit (MPU)
  1. Connect the HDMI cable to the video port on your computer and wait for the MPU to wake up.

  2. Tap the “Share” button on the touch screen unit.

  3. Tap the “PC HDMI” button on the touch screen unit.  
    Your computer should now display on the MPU screen.


Use a Mobile Presentation Unit for a Video Conference using Zoom
  1. Sign into zoom using SJSU or CSUMB username and password

  2. Open zoom interface and click New Meeting

  3. Click ParticipantsInviteRoom System tab, then click on the Call Out tab.  The screenshot below shows how inviting a room system looks

  4. Click on the SIP radio button and enter the SIP address for the Mobile Presentation Unit (MPU) to which you wish to connect:
    1. For the MPU in Room 103 (group study), enter: MLMU29@SJSU.CALL.SL
    2. For the MPU in Room 414 (student conference room), enter: MLMU20@SJSU.CALL.SL
  5. Zoom will dial the MPU and and people in that room will have the option to answer the call and join the conference.
  • MPU does not produce sound:
    • If sharing your screen with HDMI, make sure your computer audio is set to the right output device and is not muted.
    • Turn up the volume on the MPU TV, using the buttons on the left side.
  • MPU touchscreen unit is stuck on loading screen:
    • Make sure the MPU is connected to the correct network port.
    • Unplug the MPU from power and then plug it in again.
  • Zoom call participants can't hear well/microphone volume is too low
    • Ensure the auxiliary microphone (located in the flip-up storage space below the TV in the MPU) is plugged in.
    • Move the microphone closer to the person speaking.