Phones & Faxing

Who can get a phone at MLML, how do you program or troubleshoot phone & communication issues? Learn the answer to these questions and more in this chapter.

Phones & Faxing

Desk Phones

Desktop Cisco phones are available for use throughout the MLML main lab. These phones have large touchscreen displays, built-in cameras for video calls, bluetooth compatibility and call management capabilities. The MLML Staff Directory may be found here.
Guides for operating the Cisco Model CP-9971 phone may be found here.


Speed Dials

On these phones, users may add up to four speed dials. To add a speed dial, the user must submit an iTicket, and the IT Department will create the speed dial on the phone for them. (User may add more than one speed dial on the same ticket if they include all the relevant information for each one). Included should be: The full ten digit number (3 digit area code + 7 digit phone number), and the name or short description they want to show up next to the speed dial button on the screen of the phone.


Voicemail to email

A user can also have voicemails automatically sent as an audio file to their email. To set this up, submit an iTicket.


Conference Phones

Cisco conference phones are available for use in the Group Study (Rm 103) and Think Tank (Rm 202). These phones are also available for check-out at the IT Help Desk Cubicle (Rm 203).

Click here for a quick reference guide.

A more in depth guides for operating the Cisco Model 7937G conference phone may be found here (e.g. Maintain and Operate Guides).

NOTE: Zoom is recommended when hosting conference calls with more than two callers due to limitations on the number of lines our phones can support simultaneously.


Making Calls - Desk Phones and Conference Phones

To an internal phone:

  1. Internal phones may be reached by dialing only the extension (e.g. 1-4418 for the IT Help Desk cubicle).

To an external phone:

  1. DIAL 7 first.
  3. Example: 7+1+831+771-4400


Fax Numbers and Locations

A fax machine is available at the main lab in Administration Office (Rm 203) on the Admin Copier.
Fax cover sheets are available at the Front Desk.

Below is a list of fax numbers associated with MLML:


Faxing from the Admin Office at the Main Lab

Instructions to send a fax from the MLML Administration Office:

  1. Insert the document into the document feeder (adjusting for size, as necessary) or place it onto the glass.
  2. Tap the touch screen to wake-up the copier
  3. If needed, tap the Home button in the lower left corner of the touchscreen.
  4. Tap Fax
  5. Tap the 123456 at the top of the screen
    1. Example: 9+1+831+7714400
  7. Press START
  8. To verify whether the fax went through, press the Home button on the lower left corner of the screen, then Job List
  9. If the fax is still sending, it will show in the In Progress tab.
  10. If no jobs are in the In Progress tab, select the Log tab.
  11. Completed faxes under the Log tab will show as Job Complete


Received Faxes in the Admin Office at the Main Lab

Check the copier tray if the fax was just sent. Check the “Unclaimed Faxes” folder in the standup filer on the copy room counter. Check your mailbox or with the Front Desk Staff.

Cisco Phone & Voicemail Quick Tips

A great guide for operating Cisco phones can be found here, however below you will find tips on how to perform the most common functions.

  1. Make a call
    Internal: simply dial the full number or 1 + the 4-digit extension
    External: dial 71 + the full number (including area code)

  2. Access your phone history
    Select Applications Screen-Shot-2019-09-12-at-9.45.01-AM.png, then call history

  3. Place a call on hold
    Select Hold Screen-Shot-2019-09-12-at-9.46.30-AM.png
    To resume the call, press the Resume soft key

  4. Transfer a call
    Select transfer Screen-Shot-2019-09-12-at-9.50.48-AM.png, dial the number, press the transfer button again

  5. Start a conference call
    Select Conference Screen-Shot-2019-09-12-at-9.51.42-AM.png, dial the new participant, press the conference button again

  6. Silence the ringer
    Press the volume button down once Screen-Shot-2019-09-12-at-9.52.43-AM.png

  7. Change Voicemail Pin/Password
    Select Voice Mail and enter your current pin
    Press 4 > 3 > 1
    Enter a new pin and press #
    Enter the new pin again to confirm it and press #

  8. Access your voicemail
    Select Voice Mail Enter your pin

  9. Change your name in your voice mail greeting
    Select Voice Mail and enter your pin
    Press 4 for Setup Options
    Press 3 for Preferences
    Press 2 for Recorded Name
    Follow the prompts

  10. Add speed dial numbers to your phone
    Speed Dial configuration must be performed by the phone system administrator.
    Please submit an iTicket to request speed dials for your phone. Each phone can have up to 4 speed dials.
    Please provide the number and the name you want associated with each number.

Additional useful information is available on the SJSU IT website.

More information about the Cisco voicemail system is available, here.

How to Respond to Scam Calls - Don't

Scam Calls / Robocalls

If you receive a phone call that seems suspicious, whether it's a computer-generated voice on the other end or a person fishing for personal information: Don't follow any directions given by the caller. Just hang up the phone. Following any prompts given by the caller may make them more likely to call again. Never give out any personal information to an unknown caller. Take down any information you remember and report the call to the FTC.

These calls often show up as being from a local phone number, spoofing of numbers is rampant among scam callers, to hide the call's origin and make the calls difficult to block.

Access the MLML Cisco Voicemail System from any Phone

To check your voicemail messages from any phone:

  1. Dial 408-924-6800 and press * when you hear the recording
  2. Key in your 5 digit extension (ex 14400 not 4400)
  3. Enter your voicemail PIN followed by #
    NOTE: The first time you access your Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System, you will be prompted to complete enrollment in the system, including creating a new voicemail PIN.
  4. Your new voicemails will start playing automatically

More information about the Cisco voicemail system is available, here.

Public Announcement (Intercom) using the MLML Cisco Phone


The Cisco Bogen PA for the main building hallway works as follows:

  1. From any MLML Cisco phone using the hand set for speaking, do not use the speaker as it is prone to feedback, dial 14101.
  2. Listen for 2 beeps.
  3. Dial 00 (zero zero)
  4. Listen for announce 'tone' (only played through the speakers in the hall), or you can also wait 2 full seconds.
  5. Make your announcement, this is a real-time announcement.
  6. Depress the Release Button or Handset button to hang-up and avoid making a loud noise.

  7. Hang up.

How do I set up a distribution list in the Cisco Unity voice mail system?


Q: How do I set up a distribution list in the Cisco Unity voice mail system?

A: In Unity, distribution lists are called Private Lists.

To create a Private List:

  1. Enter your voice mailbox
  2. Select 2 for setup options
  3. Select 2 for message settings
  4. Select 4 for private lists
  5. Select 2 to change names
  6. Enter a number for your private list, in this case (1) since it is your first
  7. Enter 1 to add a name
    At this point, you will be directed to spell the names of the people you want to add with the keypad. It will probably be easier to switch to add by entering the extensions.
  8. Switch to numeric entry by entering # #.
  9. When adding extensions, complete the add process by selecting the # key after each extension
  10. Press * to stop adding names
  11. Enter 3 to record the name of your private list
  12. To send a message with a Private list
  13. Enter your voice mailbox
  14. Select 2 to send a message
  15. Record your message and when finished press #
  16. Press # # to switch to numeric entry
  17. Enter 1 or other number of a private list
  18. Wait for the next prompt
  19. Press # to select your private list
  20. To send the message press #

Satellite Phone Instructions and Rates


The satellite phone is an Iridium 9505A made by Stratos Global.

To turn on the phone and enter the PIN:

  1. Press and hold the power button until the phone powers on
  2. Enter 1111 and press OK
  3. Wait until the phone indicates that the PIN verification has been "Completed" and verify that you have adequate satellite coverage before making a call


To make a call:
(NOTE: outgoing calls cost $1.49/minute)

  1. Dial 001-###-###-####, then press OK


To send a text message FROM the Iridium Phone:
(NOTE: outgoing text messages cost 0.33x the minute rate per message, so approx $0.50 per outgoing text message)

  1. Press the "Envelope" button
  2. Press the down arrow until "Message Editor" displays, then press OK
  3. Type your message and press OK
    • * or up = move cursor left
    • # or down = space or move cursor right
    • C = backspace
  4. Enter the destination number as follows: 001-###-###-#### and press OK


To send a text message TO the Iridium Phone free of charge:
(NOTE: incoming text messages are free)

How to Start an "ad-hoc conference call"

Initiating an "ad-hoc conference call"

  1. Place your call to the first participant in the conference call.
  2. To add someone to the conference call, while on the active call, press the Conference button:

  3. Your call will be placed on hold.
  4. Dial the number or extension you wish to add to the call (or select the listing from your directory or call history).
  5. Press the Conference button again at any time to rejoin the other call.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each participant. You can have a total of 4 participants.


Drop someone from a conference call?

  1. While in a conference, press Show Details on your screen.
  2. Select the caller you wish to drop from the call, and then press Remove.


To terminate the call do one of the following:

  1. Place the handset in the cradle.
  2. Press one of the following keys that: headset, speaker, or the "End Call" button.

Configure call forwarding on your desk phone

Forward calls going to your Cisco phone to another number (i.e. cell phone or home phone):

  1. On your Cisco phone, tap the Forward All button on the touchscreen.

  2. Enter the number to which you want to forward your calls.
    Be sure to prepend the full 10-digit number with a "71" (i.e. 718317714400).

  3. To disable the forwarding, simply tap the Forward Off button on the touchscreen.