Submitting Timesheets with DocuSign

Submit all timesheets to your Supervisor through DocuSign and CC Jane Webster to ensure that they are approved in a timely manner. Here is a great, short tutorial for DocuSign:

Download Your Timesheet
  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the SJSU @ Work widget 
    1. Login using your SJSU credentials and DUO authentication
  3. View your timesheet for the entire pay period and save webpage as PDF
    1. Ex. YourLastName_Month_Timesheet.pdf
Send Timesheet Through DocuSign
  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the DocuSign widget
    1. Login using your SJSU credentials and DUO authentication
  3. Click NEW > Send an Envelope at the top of the page
  4. Upload your timesheet
  5. Enter your Supervisor's name and email as recipient one
    1. Leave action as "Needs to Sign"
  6. Click Add Recipient and enter Jane Webster's name and email
    1. Set action as "Receives a Copy"
  7. You may then enter an email message to the recipients
    1. You can choose a custom email for each by checking the box or send a generic one to both
      1. Note: It is helpful to let your Supervisor know that you CC'd Jane.
      2. If you leave the message blank, DocuSign will auto-populate the email body with a generic request to sign the document.
  8. Click NEXT in the top-right corner
  9. Add a Signature field
  10. Add a Date Signed field
  11. Click SEND in the top-right corner
  12. You will receive an email to your SJSU email when your timesheet has been signed and sent to Jane for approval!

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