Computer Hardware Upgrade & Managment

Guides and information about computer setup, management, and backups. As well as information on how to upgrade to a new device or upgrade your device's memory capabilities.

Computer Hardware Upgrades

What hardware should you have for your lab or computer? What are some of the best practices for storing information on your computer? Learn about these topics and more in this chapter.

Computer Hardware Upgrades

Workstation Refresh (No-Cost)

SJSU IT provides a program called Workstation Refresh. This program provides replacement workstations for employees (for devices 4 years or older). Below you will find options that are no-cost to you, for more options available you may visit the discounted upgrades KB page. For more information about the program visit SJSU's Refresh Program Page.


PC Desktop Workstation with Monitor


Mac Desktop

Laptops and Tablets:

PC Laptop