Hardware Upgrades: RAM and SSD


Memory Upgrades

RAM: Random Access Memory


SSD Upgrades

  • Solid-state-drive (SSD) is a storage device for your computer. It is much faster than a hard disk drive (HDD), which was traditionally used for storage in computers. It has no moving parts and its information is stored in microchips.
  • Upgrading your computer from a HDD to a SSD will greatly increase the speed. More specifically, loading times and transfer times will speed up. (Copying and moving files).
  • Crucial SSD Upgrade Tool - helps determine which upgrade you need.
  • Mac Upgrades:
    • The storage drive on most newer Macs cannot be upgraded. Below is a list of Macs which cannot be upgraded:
      • Mac mini (2018 and newer)
      • MacBook Pro (2016 and newer
      • MacBook Air (2018 and newer)
      • MacBook 12" (all models)
      • iMac (2021 and newer)
    • To check whether your Mac can be upgraded, enter your serial number into Everymac.com's serial lookup tool.
    • Determine which SSD is compatible with your system with the Crucial link above or here. Find your Mac model and check out the buying options for SSD upgrades.
    • To learn about SSD Upgrades for Macs click here.
  • PC Upgrades:
    • To determine what kind of drive your computer has click here.
    • Use the Crucial link above for buying options.

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