Student Computer Recommendations

Choosing a new computer is an important decision, and we would like to provide recommendations for minimum system requirements that might help you get the most out of your new computer. Please checkout our KB page for upgrading hardware in your computer to see if minor upgrades could save you the cost of buying a new computer.

Minimum System Requirements

RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • At least 8GB of RAM is recommended
  • It is important to have an adequate amount of RAM, because this allows you to run multiple programs and have multiple browser tabs open at the same time without bogging down your computer.
  • If you foresee yourself working with more complicated software and having to multitask frequently, you may want to consider purchasing a computer with 16GB of RAM
Internal Storage
  • We recommend at least 512GB of internal storage
  • This will give you enough local storage for the operating system, software programs, data files, pictures, etc.
  • In addition, we highly recommend that you backup your computer. For different methods and best practices, visit our Computer Backup KB Page
CPU (Internal Central Processing Unit)
  • We recommend having at least a quad-core processor
  • Although there is a tradeoff between energy efficiency, a quad-core processor allows you to multitask and run several programs at the same time without slowing you down
Internal Drive
  • Ensure that the device you are purchasing has a solid-state-drive (SSD)
  • Having an SSD will greatly increase your computer’s loading and transfer speeds
  • Additionally, if your current device has a hard disk drive, you may be able to upgrade it to a SSD. Check out our Hardware Upgrades KB page to learn more!

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