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Blog Manager Handbook

First Edition by Erin Loury (September 18, 2011)

Revised by Vicky Vásquez (August 19, 2015)

Revised by Lauren Cooley (April 27, 2020)


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Drop-In Blog Mission Statement

The goal of the MLML Drop-In Blog is to provide a first-hand account of the graduate experience at MLML, to showcase major MLML events and accomplishments, and to communicate basic aspects of marine science to improve public ocean literacy.



The primary target audience for the Drop-In is prospective graduate students at the college/post-college level, and middle and high school students who are considering pursuing marine science.

Other potential audiences include current MLML students, faculty and staff; local residents; MLML alumni or affiliates; family members; other marine research institutions; teachers; funding agencies; people with a general interest in the ocean. 

The blog is a public face for the lab, and all posts should be appropriate for these audiences.


Blog Accounts & Usernames

**All passwords stored in Social Media Lastpass**


Blog Manager - Roles and Responsibilities

General responsibilities to be overseen by the blog managers include:








Student Blogger - Roles and Responsibilities:


What Qualifies as a Blog Post?

Almost anything related to the MLML experience can be turned into a blog post.  Blog content spans a whole range of possibilities, including (but not limited to):


Example Blog Post