Migrate calendars from your MLML account to your SJSU account

How do I know when I'm done migrating my calendars?

You made your SJSU account an owner of calendars that you personally own.

You requested (and were granted) access to calendars that you use but do not own.

Your list of calendars in your SJSU account is identical to your MLML list of calendars.

Follow the directions below to complete each of these steps:


If you are an owner of the calendar:

  1. Navigate to the Google Calendar webpage and sign into your MLML account
  2. Locate the calendar you want to transfer, click the three vertical dots, and select Settings and sharing

  3. Under Share with specific people, click + Add people

  4. Enter your SJSU email address and select Make changes and manage sharing. Click Send

  5. Login to your SJSU gmail, locate the notification email, and click Add this calendar
  6. Your SJSU account is now a co-owner of the calendar.

NOTE: Once you have made your SJSU account a co-owner, please review the users who have access to the calendar and share with their SJSU accounts.

If you are not an owner of the calendar:

  1. You will need to ask the owner of the calendar to share it with your SJSU email address.
    NOTE: Many users will share the calendar with your SJSU account after they have migrated the calendar. You may wish to wait to contact the owner until the majority of MLML users have completed the migration.
  2. To determine the owner:
    • If you remember who originally shared the calendar with you, they are the owner. You can also try searching your email history. In many cases, it will not be possible to determine the owner. Please file an IT ticket and request that your SJSU account be added to the calendar.


    • Locate the calendar you want to transfer, click the three vertical dots, and select Settings


    • Submit an IT ticket


View the Google support webpage for more documentation about calendar sharing.