Migrate email between email clients

CAUTION! Be sure to backup your email client's data files before attempting to import or export email.
Information about the locations of email clients data files can be found here:

Migrate from Outlook to Thunderbird:
Easy to follow instructions for importing an Outlook .pst file into Thunderbird can be found here:

Migrate from Eudora into Thunderbird:

  1. Close Eudora.
  2. Open Thunderbird.
  3. Select "Import..." from the Tools menu.
  4. Select the type of data you want to import.
  5. Select "Eudora" from the list of email clients.
  6. Click OK to import your Eudora email into Thunderbird.

For more information see: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Thunderbird_: ... rom_Eudora

Migrate from Thunderbird to Mac Mail (Mac OS X only):

  1. Install the ImportExport extension on Thunderbird.
  2. In Thunderbird, click on the folder you want to export, and choose ImportExportTools > Export Folder (first choice). Export the folder to your desktop.
  3. On your desktop, rename the export file to give it an .mbox extension (right click, Get Info). That means at the end of the file name add .mbox – the mac will want you to confirm this, click YES.
  4. Go to Apple Mail, and import it: File > Import Mailboxes > Files in mbox format.

It will import all of your email messages in the correct folder and will be at the bottom of the left panel. You can now move it to where you want it to go in your email folder stack!

Migrate from Entourage to Mac Mail (Mac OS X only):

  1. Quit Entourage.
  2. Open Mac Mail.
  3. Select File > Import Mailboxes...
  4. Select "Microsoft Entourage" and click the Continue button.
    (NOTE: The migration will take a while depending on how much data is being migrated.)
    All mailboxes in Entourage will be imported into a folder named "Import" in Mac Mail.