Migrate your contacts from your MLML account to your SJSU account

If you don't have any contacts stored in your MLML Google account, you can skip this step.


How do I know when I'm done migrating my contacts?

You exported your MLML contacts and uploaded them to your SJSU account.

Follow the directions below to complete this process:



  1. Navigate to contacts.google.com and login to your MLML account
  2. If you don't have any contacts stored in this account, then you can skip this step and proceed to step 5.
  3. On the left sidebar, click Export

  4. Select the contacts you want to include, and click Export.

  5. Your contacts will be downloaded as a .csv file.
  6. Switch to your SJSU account in contacts.google.com.
  7. Click Import.
  8. Select the .csv file that you just downloaded and click Import.

View the Google support webpage for more documentation about transferring contacts.