Use Drive Explorer to Create a Report on your MLML Google Drive

Drive Explorer is a tool that collects and generates information on the files in your Google Drive. It can be used to show the file structure, ownership, sharing status, and more.


This process can take 10 minutes or more, so ensure you have a stable internet connection and enough time.



To use Drive Explorer:

  1. Ensure you are signed in to your MLML Google Account.
  2. Click this link to go to and click the +Blank button to create a new spreadsheet:

    The sheet will be placed in your MLML Drive.

  3. In the menu bar, click Extensions > Drive Explorer > Start export


  4. If you see this window, click Get started.


  5. Click All files:

    The spreadsheet will be populated.

  6. When the report has been generated, you will have a massive spreadsheet containing details on all files in your Google Drive, including files that are shared with you, and files in Shared Drives.
  7. If you have been requested to do so, please share this spreadsheet with MLML IT so it can be evaluated for migration.