Use Google Takeout to transfer your email archive

How do I know when I'm done transferring my old email?

You initiated the Transfer.

When the Transfer was complete, you received an email confirming that all your email has been migrated from your MLML account to your SJSU account.

Follow the directions below to complete this process:



Google Takeout will automatically transfer all mail currently in your MLML gmail account including those in your Inbox, Sent mail, Drafts, and archived mail (it will not transfer Spam or Trash). Google Takeout will generate any labels that you had in your MLML account and transfer and sort the imported mail to how it was organized in your MLML account. It will also retain starred emails and personal level indicators.

You can perform a Takeout as many times as you want, to multiple accounts. It does not delete the mail from the old account, it only copies it to the new account.



  1. Navigate to your Google Account Data & Personalization settings by clicking on this link.
  2. Login to your MLML Account
  3. Under Transfer your content, click Start transfer

  4. Type your SJSU email under Enter a destination account, click SEND CODE

  5. Navigate to your SJSU Gmail inbox, find the email with the subject line Verify your account. The email may take a few minutes to appear.
  6. Click Get confirmation code

  7. Copy and Paste the 8-character verification code onto the Google Takeout webpage for your MLML account
  8. Click VERIFY

  9. IMPORTANT!!! Make sure Drive is switched OFF, and Gmail is ON, as shown in this screenshot:

    • If you try to use this tool to transfer your Drive files, it will most likely fail. Refer to Step 7 to transfer your Google Drive files.
  11. You will receive a confirmation email that the transfer has been initiated and another when it has been completed.
  12. Email transferred in this way will be labeled, so you can tell which address they were originally sent to.
    • NOTE: If you would like to remove the label, locate it on the left side of your inbox, click the three vertical dots, and select remove label.

Import your old emails via POP (if Transfer doesn’t work for you):

Note that this method will not retain labels and organization, and will take a lot longer. We strongly recommend using Takeout Transfer if possible.

  1. In your MLML account, click the settings cog icon > See all settings, and select Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  2. Under POP Download, select Enable POP for all mail.
  3. Leave keep Moss Landing Marine Labs Mail's copy in the inbox selected.

  4. Click Save Changes.
  5. While signed into your MLML account, go to this page and verify your password.
  6. Toggle Allow less secure apps to ON

  7. Navigate to your SJSU Gmail account settings, and click Accounts and Import.
  8. Click Import mail and contacts.
  9. In the pop-up window, enter your MLML email address and click Continue.
  10. Enter the details into the form:
    • Enter your MLML Gmail password.
    • POP Username: your full MLML email address
    • POP server:
    • Port: 995 and check the box for Use SSL.
    • Click Continue.

  11. On the next page, select the options for importing that you want. You must uncheck “Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server”. This will not delete any of your old emails.

  12. Click Start Import.
  13. Your email will be imported to your SJSU account.