G Suite

Learn about Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Calendar, etc.

Google Apps

Learn about Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Calendar, etc.

Google Apps

Create and Manage Projects with Google Drive


Documents, Sheets, Slides




Google Apps

Connect using Google

Google consists of multiple applications that are great for communication. A key component of these apps that makes them so efficient is that they connect within themselves as well. Have a video meeting call with your team? Add the link to the video meeting in your team’s Google Calendar Event so everyone has access to it.



Google Currents

Google Chat

Google Apps

How to use MLML Google Calendars (link)


See the Calendars page in Classrooms & Academic Technology --> Calendars & Reservations.

Google Apps

Manage Google Groups

Create a Google Group:

Send an Email to your Group:

Change Group Settings:


View and Manage Google Group Members


Other Information:

Google Apps

Sync Google Calendar with your phone

We do not recommend using the built-in Apple Calendar app. Google Calendar, which is available for Android and iOS, supports more of Google's features and standards.

Instructions are located on Google's website: https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/151674

Google Apps

Import events from your current calendar app to a Google Calendar

You can import events created on a different calendar application or Google account to your Google Calendar. Click here for a guide on how to transfer calendar events.


Google Apps

Getting started with Google Drive

Google Drive is a part of the Google Apps package that's included with your MLML email account. You can use it as a fantastic collaboration tool, as a portable productivity suite through Docs, Sheets, and Slides integration, and as a cloud-based file storage system.

You can access Google Drive by simply navigating to drive.google.com in your browser. If you're asked to login, use your MLML email and password.

Below is a quick-start guide to uploading and sharing files with Google Drive.


Uploading files and folders

There are two ways to upload to your Drive. Both methods assume you already have it open in your browser. File size is essentially unlimited.

Method 1
Simply drag and drop the file onto your browser window with Google Drive open.

Method 2

  1. Click the "NEW" button on the left side of the window, then click "File" (or "Folder") upload.
  2. Choose the file (or folder) that you would like to upload.
  3. If the file (or folder) is large, wait for it to finish uploading.
  4. You're done.
Sharing files and folders

Sharing with specific people

  1. Right click a file or folder and click "Share..."
  2. Add as many people as you want.
  3. Choose whether you want these people to be able to edit or only view/download.
  4. You may enter a note if you wish.
  5. Click "Send".

The people you shared with will receive an email with a link to the file or folder and a note if you wrote one.

Get a link you can share with anyone at MLML

  1. Right click a file or folder and click "Share..."
  2. Click "Get shareable link"
  3. Choose whether you want anyone with the link to be able to edit or only view/download.
    • NOTE: You probably want to allow viewing only.
  4. Copy the link and share it with anyone you want.
Google Apps

Google Docs

Google Docs are a great way to share documents between multiple people and allow for simultaneous editing so everyone has the most up-to-date version.

Google Docs is very similar to other text editors; however, there are some functions that are specific to Google Docs which will be covered here.

Creating a New Document
Importing a Document from Word
Sharing a Document
Viewing Changes Made to a Document
Editing vs. Suggesting
Utilize Outline View
Google Apps

Gmail Overview

MLML IT has created multiple pages to help you configure and use your Gmail account. These pages can be found in our Gmail section of our KB. 


If you need help determining your user account information, visit our User Accounts page.

Google Apps

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an easy way to video chat and hold meetings with up to 50 people. The service may be accessed online through the Gmail, Google+ websites, or mobile applications. Google Hangouts is a reliable alternative to Zoom Video Conferencing.

Start a Meeting:

  1. Navigate to  https://meet.google.com
  2. Click Join or Start a Meeting
  3. Enter a Nickname for the meeting or leave it blank and click Continue.
  4. Join the meeting:
    1. Join Now: to join the meeting with computer audio and video
    2. Present: to join the meeting with computer audio and share your screen
    3. Join and use a phone for audio: to join with computer video, enter your phone number, and Google Hangouts Meet will call your phone to join it's audio.
  5. Add others to the meeting:
    1. Copy the meeting info and share with participants
    2. Click Add people and enter participant's email or click Call and enter their phone number
  6. Once you are in the meeting you can:
    1. Mute/unmute your mic by clicking Screen-Shot-2020-03-24-at-9.44.17-AM.png
    2. Turn your camera on/off by clicking Screen-Shot-2020-03-24-at-9.46.01-AM.png
    3. Share your entire screen or a specific window/app by clicking Screen-Shot-2020-03-24-at-9.47.35-AM.png
    4. Leave the meeting by clicking Screen-Shot-2020-03-24-at-9.48.32-AM.png

Schedule a Meeting

  1. Login to Google Calendar
  2. Create a new event
  3. Under Add conferencing select Hangouts
  4. Fill out the rest of the meeting info and add guests.

For more information and help visit G Suite Hangouts and Google Hangouts Meet.