Connect using Google

Google consists of multiple applications that are great for communication. A key component of these apps that makes them so efficient is that they connect within themselves as well. Have a video meeting call with your team? Add the link to the video meeting in your team’s Google Calendar Event so everyone has access to it.


  • Gmail provides an easy way to connect via email. Search for messages, customize and organize your mail, chat and video call with contacts. Gmail can connect with your other Google Apps, for example adding events from evites onto your calendar.
  • For more information and help visit Gmail training and help.


  • Easily create multiple calendars for Family, Work, School, etc. with Google Calendars. The best part is you can share your calendar with others, sync it to all of your devices that support Google, and get reminders for events.
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Google Currents

  • Formerly known as Google+
  • Connect with friends and coworkers on this professional online community. Easily correspond with coworkers on a secure corporate social network. Chat, share ideas, post comments, and send updates in Google Currents professionally.
  • For more information and help visit Currents training and help.

Google Chat

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