General Knowledge

How do I get a new key or new access?

If you already were issued a key card and it has been lost or stolen please email Gary Adams If you need to add access to a new space fill out this form and route it through DocuSign with the final copy going to Gary Adams.

What do I do if something is broken?

Put in a facilities ticket or notify front desk

How do I onboard a volunteer?

How do I buy MLML merch?

MLML merchandise can be purchased at the front desk during normal operating hours. We also have an online store

How do I get something on the website or socials?

Have exciting news? Were you interviewed or featured in an article? Or maybe you just want to highlight your research on our social media. Email our social media manager at

How do I print a poster?

Email our graphic designer, Lynn McMasters and please give 2 weeks minimum notice.

What email group should I send this to?