MLML iTicket System User Guide


Introduction to iTickets at MLML

iTickets are submitted by users, through the HelpDesk website, to request assistance with technical issues. Once an iTicket has been submitted, they are used by the MLML iTech Services team to centralize correspondence (with clients and within the iTech Services Team) as well as track progress on technical issues. In order to improve the service we can provide, the iTech Services Team requests that iTickets be submitted to request assistance with any and all technical issues, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Technical issues or service outages
  • User account or email list changes
  • Website access or updates
  • Help with a special project (Please provide advance notice)
  • Changes or upgrades to teaching/learning facilities
  • Software and licensing requests
  • iTech item checkout services

Get Help... Submit an iTicket

There are 2 ways to submit an iTicket:

  1. Login to using your MLML username and password and fill out the web form.
  2. Send an email to mlml-helpdesk (a) sjsu dot edu. The subject will be the title of the iTicket and the body will be the detailed description of the issue.

IMPORTANT! Please be sure to include any relevant information to facilitate the solution to your issue.
The most common cause the delay of an iTicket solution is a lack of information provided when the iTicket is submitted.
Helpful information to include in the iTicket:

  • error message
  • path to file or directory
  • operating system version
  • software version

Add a Note to an iTicket

To add a note to an existing iTicket:

...from an email client (not Gmail webmail):
(NOTE: If you use Gmail's webmail interface, please add notes to your iTicket using the web interface as described below.)

  1. Click the "Add Note" link the iTicket email from the MLML HelpDesk
  2. Leave the email subject as it is (if the subject is changed, the note will not be added to the iTicket)
  3. Replace any text in the body of the email (including your signature) with your note.
  4. Send the email to add a note to the iTicket.

...from the web interface:

  1. Login to the WebHelpDesk web interface using your MLML username and password.
  2. Click History.
  3. Click the link to the specific ticket number.
  4. Click the Add Note button.
  5. Compose the note and click Save to save the note to the iTicket.
    (An email will be sent to the assigned HelpDesk technician.)

Cancel an iTicket

There are 2 ways a user can cancel an iTicket:

Using an email client:

  1. Open the email from the MLML HelpDesk corresponding with your Help Desk request.
  2. Click the Cancel Ticket button or link.
    = You will receive an email indicating that the iTicket has been canceled.

Using the web interface:

  1. Login to:
  2. Click History.
  3. Click the iTicket number for the iTicket you want to cancel.
  4. Click Cancel Ticket and confirm.
    = You will receive an email indicating that the iTicket has been canceled.

iTicket Status Definitions

  • Open - An iTicket has been submitted and is awaiting attention from a HelpDesk Technician.
  • Accepted - A HelpDesk Technician has accepted the iTicket and agreed to help the user resolve the issue, but has not yet started working on the iTicket.
  • Waiting For Response - A HelpDesk Technician working on the iTicket has requested more information about the problem from the user.
  • In Progress - A HelpDesk Technician is currently working to resolve the issue.
  • Canceled - An iTicket has been canceled by the user or by a HelpDesk Technician.
  • Resolved - A HelpDesk Technician has found a solution to the issue, added it as a note on the iTicket, and emailed the information to the user. The user receives an email containing the solution and links requesting feedback as to whether the solution suggested by the HelpDesk Technician successfully solved the issue. The email contains two links at the top of the email:
    • Yes - Clicking the yes link indicates that the issue was successfully resolved and the iTicket is closed.
    • No - Clicking the no link re-opens the iTicket and sends an email to the HelpDesk Technician communicating that the suggested solution did not solve the issue and that the iTicket has been re-opened.
  • Closed - The issue has been resolved and the iTicket has been closed.
    (Resolved iTickets will automatically close after 1 week.)

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