Installing OLD Admin or Library Kyocera Copier as a Printer (Mac OS X)

    • There are three parts to this process:
      1. Downloading the Kyocera driver
      2. Installing the printer on your device
      3. Configuring the printer properly
    • All three parts are outlined below
    • Please complete all three and follow these instructions completely. Otherwise, you will be unable to print successfully.
    • If you encounter any problems, please come by the IT Help Desk in the main office or submit a Help Desk ticket.

Mac OS X 10.10+

NOTE: These instructions are for the OLD Kyocera copiers that were installed in October of 2014 for use with newer versions of macOS. Older versions of macOS will have similar instructions, but certain fields may be named slightly differently. If you find something that is out of date, please submit a Help Desk ticket.

NOTE: If you currently use macOS Mojave or Newer (10.14) there are additional instructions starting at Step 16. See Note for macOS (10.14) Mojave Users below.

  1. Go to the Kyocera driver download website: Kyocera Driver List
  2. Download the driver labelled "Mac print driver" from the list of drivers.
  3. Open the .dmg file, then run the .pkg file. You may have to extract a .zip file first.

  4. When the installer launches, click continue/agree when prompted and complete the driver installation. If a pop-up comes up saying "Installer" would like to access files in your Downloads folder click OK. Move the Installer to Trash.
  5. Access your System Preferences (in the drop-down menu from clicking on the Apple logo on the desktop).
  6. Go to Printers & Scanners. Click on the + button to add a printer. 
    NOTE: If you have the old library or admin printer installed, remove it first by highlighting it, then clicking on the - symbol.
  7. Click the IP tab at the top of the window.
  8. Enter the following for the printer you wish to add into the Address text box.
    • Library Printer -
    • Admin Copier -
  9. Select Line Printer Daemon - LPD from the Protocol drop-down menu.
  10. Leave the Queue field blank.
  11. Change the name of the printer to something that helps you easily identify the printer (ex. "Library Printer" or "Admin Copier"). You may do the same for the Location field if you desire.
  12. Select the Select Software... option from the Use drop-down menu. Search for the model # of the printer.
    • Library Printer - Kyocera CS 3051ci (KPDL)
    • Admin Copier - Kyocera CS 4551ci (KPDL)
  13. Highlight the correct print driver and click OK without changing any fields, then click the Add button.

    Example for Library Printer:

  14. Select the following options in the printer set up window then click OK:

    Library Copier - ps102b:
    • Paper Feeders: Not Installed
    • Document Finisher: Not Installed

    Admin Copier - ps205:
    • Paper Feeders: Cassettes 3, 4
    • Document Finisher: 1000-sheet finisher

  15. The printer is now installed. However, you must follow the next steps or you WILL NOT be able to print successfully.
  16. Open a new document in TextEdit.
    • NOTE: For Mac OS X 10.14 Mojave Users follow steps below before continuing.
  17. Select Print... from the File menu.


  18. Select the newly installed Kyocera printer from the Printer list.
  19. Click Show Details on the bottom to expand your printing options.
  20. Click the TextEdit drop-down menu (or Layout drop-down menu for MacOS 10.14 Mojave users) and select the Print Panel menu option from the drop-down.


  21. Print Panel page will open, open Settings.


  22. Under the Job menu option, check the Job Accounting check box and enter preset.


  23. Enter a copy code into the Account ID text box:
    • 1220 - Students
    • 2232 - Faculty & Staff
  24. If you are a student using the 1220 code, you will be unable to print unless you follow these steps (staff can ignore):
    1. Select the Imaging menu option.
    2. Change the Color Mode from Full color to Black & White.
      Due to costs associated with color printing, students are not allowed to print in color without special permission. If you attempt to print in color, it WILL NOT print.

  25. When you have changed the Job Accounting settings, go to the Presets drop-down menu and select Save current settings as a preset. Name this something to easily distinguish it, such as "Library Printer" and apply only to this printer. Click OK.


  26. With your new preset selected, print a blank test page to ensure that the installation was a success. Whenever you print next, it will default to this new preset. If you change your printing preset in the future, make sure to change it back to this in order to use your saved job accounting preferences.
Note for macOS Mojave (10.14) Users:
  • First, download and install the driver labelled "Mac print driver" from the Kyocera Driver List, in the same way as noted in Step 1 above. (You’ll need this version for Mojave)
  • Follow the steps above through Step 15. The following steps replace Step 17, and should be done before continuing to Step 18.
  • Open a new document in TextEdit, go to the File Menu, then click Print.


  • In the system print dialog, click Save as PDF.


  • Wherever you saved the PDF, open with Adobe Reader or Acrobat (NOT Preview, it won’t work).
  • Go to File → Print.



  • Ensure that the correct printer is selected from the drop down at the top of the window
  • Click Printer, towards the bottom left.


  • From here, the instructions above starting with Step 18 should work.