Scan a Document Using the Konica Minolta Copiers

The Konica Minolta copiers in the Library and the Admin Copy room can scan documents directly to your SJSU email address. All of these instructions are posted for your convenience on the board next to the admin and library copiers.

Scan your document:

  1. Tap the touch screen to wake-up the copier
  2. If needed, tap the HOME button in the lower left corner of the touchscreen.
  3. Tap Scan to E-mail
  4. Insert the document into the document feeder (adjusting for size, as necessary) or place it onto the glass.
  5. Browse the address book entry for the desired recipient and tap the checkbox next to their name.
    1. If the desired recipient is not listed in the address book:
      1. If you plan to scan items regularly: You can add the email address as described in this KB post: Create a scan to email account on the Konica Minolta copiers
      2. If you do not plan to scan items regularly: Tap sample@test.local at the top of the screen and enter the email address manually
  6. Configure the scanner settings on the right side of the touch screen (if necessary):
    (Below are the settings that you may want to change, otherwise leave as default)
    • Resolution - Change the resolution of the scan (higher res provides more detail, lower res means smaller file sizes).
    • File Type - PDF/Compact PDF (default), TIFF, JPG (PDF is best for documents, images should be TIFF or JPG)
    • Duplex Settings - Select whether your document is one-sided or two-sided
    • Density - Lighten or darken the scan.
  7. Press the Start button
  8. Once the scan is complete, tap the Home button in the lower left corner of the touchscreen.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the copier beeps and/or displays an error code, it is likely that your address book entry in the scanner is not correct. If so, please verify that the email address in your address book entry is correct.

Retrieve your scanned document:

  1. Simply login to your SJSU Gmail account to download your scanned document:

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