Rooms During Normal Hours

Planning an event

General Rules for Room Use

  1. ·         Set up/Clean up: All internal, affiliated, and non-affiliates groups are responsible for set up and clean up.  On weekends/afterhours, groups are required to empty the trash/recycling if used.
  2. ·         Lobby: The MLML lobby is available free of charge to the public and contains displays and information on MLML research. The lobby cannot be used as a gathering place for groups as it must remain open for visitors.
  3. ·         Restricted Areas: Guests are not permitted down the hall towards the labs for safety reasons and to not disturb classes or research.
  4. ·         Liability: A Release of Liability is required for some activities.
  5. ·         Fundraising: Fundraising is not permitted. Groups using MLML facilities cannot charge admission or make money at an event.
  6. ·         Smoking: Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property.
  7. ·         Alcohol: Alcohol is not permitted at events without approval from the Director.
  8. ·         Internet Access: MLML has a wifi network available at no additional charge to visitors (“MLML Guest”). Guests log on and enter their email address to connect. The guest wifi is turned off after regular business hours. In order to keep it on, an iTicket must be submitted beforehand.
  9. ·         IT Equipment: Conference phones, audio, and projection equipment are available for some MLML rooms. Cameras and microphones are generally not available for outside group use. Check with IT beforehand to arrange equipment usage.
  10. ·         Parking:  For groups of 20+ during business hours, attendees cannot park in our parking lot and must park along Moss Landing Road. Additional Rules for Using the Seminar Room
  11. Additional rules apply to the seminar room in addition to the General Rules for Room Use.  There is a one page document on room use guidelines to send to groups using the room.
  12. ·         Chairs and Tables: The seminar room contains about 100 chairs and about 15 3 x 6 ft. tables. These are available for group use at no additional charge and can be moved around and set up as needed.
  13. ·         Kitchen: A small kitchen is available at no additional charge to groups using the seminar room. The kitchen includes a fridge, stove, sink, coffee maker, tea pot, and limited coffee condiments and tableware. The group is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen. Food cannot be left in the fridge after the event. IT can be donated to the student body or thrown away.
  14. ·         IT Equipment: Power strips are available in the table closet in the seminar room. Cameras and microphones in the seminar room are generally not available for outside group use. Recoding of events can be done by the library staff if the reserving group arranges payment with the staff.
  15. ·         Vendors: Any vendor, such as a caterer, must have proof of insurance and Workman’s Compensation coverage for themselves. Vendors must sign a Release of Liability as per SJSU guidelines.
  16. ·         Martin’s View Point: The back deck is available to groups using the seminar room. Groups must make sure the cover is on the binoculars and the doors leading from the seminar room to the back deck are closed before they leave. There is no additional charge for using Martin’s View Point.
  17. ·         Student Assistants: For groups using the room outside of normal business hours and/or groups of 20+, a student assistant must be hired.  Student Assistant responsibilities are outlined in a separate document.
  18. o   Current Students eligible (you can check with Kathleen for confirmation): Front Desk Workers (they get first dibs on extra hours), Library Student Workers, IT Help Desk Student Workers, Museum Worker(s)
  19. o   Student Assistant Calendar:  When a room reservation is made that needs a student assistant, please add an entry to the Student Assistant Calendar and send out an email to Front Desk Workers to see if anyone can cover it.  RESERVATIONS ARE TENTATIVE UNTIL A STUDENT ASSISTANT IS CONFIRMED.

What room should I use?

  1.          Dry Classroom (109): This room can hold 10-15 people and is available to internal, affiliated, and non-affiliated groups.
  2. ·         Wet Classroom (214): This room can hold 15-20 people and is available to internal groups. Affiliated and non-affiliated groups can request use of the Wet Classroom but it must be approved by the Chair. Use of this classroom is severely restricted due to the scientific equipment and specimens stored in this room.
  3. ·         Oceanography Classroom (508): This room can hold about 15 people. Due to the equipment stored in this room it is not available for affiliated or non-affiliated group use.
  4. ·         Think Tank (202): This room can hold 10-15 people and is available to internal, affiliated, and non-affiliated groups.
  5. ·         Group Study (103): Also known as the “whale room”. This room can hold 10-12 people and is available to internal, affiliated, and non-affiliated groups.
  6. ·         Seminar Classroom (101): This room can hold up to 110 people (without tables) and is available to internal, affiliated, and non-affiliated groups. There are tables, chairs, and a small kitchen available for use.