Learn what software is available and the installation processes.

General Software

General Software

Software Availability (link)

See the Software Availability page on the IT Website.

General Software

Service Level Agreements

Public/Outside Groups:



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MLML Account
Network Printing

MS Students

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Computer Provided
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General Software

How to Register for & Purchase Software from the Spartan Store


The SJSU Spartan Store has a wide selection of software available to staff and faculty at significantly reduced prices.



  1. Go to
  2. Click Register in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Enter your email address.
    NOTE: If you don't have access to/don't know your SJSU email address, please check the SJSU Services Introduction post.
  4. Enter your first name, your last name, and choose a password. Your SJSU email address should already be filled in. This will be your username when using the Spartan Store.
  5. Under Proof of Eligibility, there is a Group of which you are a member dropdown list. Select the option that reflects you.
  6. Complete the captcha and click Register.
  7. Find the most accurate options for the Which department/field of study do you work inWhich operating system do you use more often, and Where did you hear about us dropdowns, then click Save.
  8. A verification email will be sent to your SJSU email address. Follow the instructions in that email and you'll be able to start using the store.



NOTE: Once you complete your purchase, save a copy of any product keys you receive in a safe place. The Spartan Store will not hold onto them for you forever. If you lose your product key you may have to buy the software again.

  1. Go to and login with your SJSU email address.
  2. Find the software you want by navigating the site or by using the Product Search bar.
    • Navigation
      1. Make sure you are on the Faculty/Staff tab if that matches your description. This will display the full list of software available to you.
      2. Use the tabs to find the product you need. For instance, if you're looking for Microsoft Office or Microsoft Windows, click the Microsoft tab.
        NOTE: The Show recent versions only checkbox sometimes hides software that it shouldn't, such as the Windows versions of Microsoft Office. Leave this unchecked or you risk the website hiding the software you're looking for.
      3. Click the icon for the software you want, then click Add to cart.
    • Search
      1. Simply type the software you want into the Product Search bar and hit Enter. Be non-specific - the base product name (such as "office") without any version numbers is best.
      2. Scroll to the software version you want, select it, and click Add to cart.
  3. Open your Shopping Cart located on the upper right side of the page. If everything looks correct to you, click Check Out.
  4. Follow the prompts and enter your billing information to complete your order.
General Software

Flickr FAQ

Flickr is an image and video hosting site. You can create galleries, edit your images, share them with the public or certain people, and give restrictions on others to download your images. You are also able to search your images through tags.

How to Upload Images:
Click here to see how to upload your images or videos.
NOTE: See How to Privatize Your Images to change settings and upload your photos on private automatically. Also see How to Hide or Unhide Your Photos from Public Searches to hide your images from public searches.

How to Privatize Your Images:
Click on your profile icon and select Settings.
Click on the Privacy & Permission tab.
Update your Global, Defaults for new uploads, & Content filters.
To learn how to change your current public photos, click here and scroll down to “To make your currently public photos private”.

How Create or Delete an Album:
Click on the following link to learn how to create or delete an album.

How to Add Tags:
See Flickr’s tag keywords support page.

How to Add, Delete, or Prevent Tags of People:
Click on the following link to learn about tagging people.

How to View Your Tag List:
Click on the following link to see how to view all your tags.

How to Hide or Unhide Your Photos from Public Searches:
See Flickr’s hide or unhide photos from public searches page.

General Software

Import and export Firefox bookmarks

Import bookmarks into Firefox:
(Restore backed-up or migrated bookmarks)
  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Select Library (stacked books icon) > Bookmarks > Show all Bookmarks.
  3. In the Library window, click Import and Backup >Import Data from Another Browser…..
    The Import Wizard will open.
  4. Select the browser that contains the bookmarks or other data that you want to use in Firefox and then continue to the next screens to make your selections and complete the import.
  5. If the Import Wizard does not list your other browser, you can still import bookmarks from another browser but you will need to first export and save those bookmarks as an HTML file. Visit the support site for your other browser if you need help with that.

For more information on importing bookmarks into Firefox from other browsers click here.

To learn how to import bookmarks into Firefox from another Firefox installation or profile, see Recovering important data from an old profile.

To learn how to import bookmarks into Firefox from an HTML file click here.

Export bookmarks out of Firefox:
(Back-up or migrate your bookmarks)
  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Select Library (stacked books icon) > Bookmarks > Show all Bookmarks.
  3. From the toolbar on the Library window, click Import and Backup > Export Bookmarks to HTML...
  4. In the Export Bookmarks File window that opens, choose a location to save the file, which is named bookmarks.html by default. The desktop is usually a good spot, but any place that is easy to remember will work.
  5. Click the Save button. The Export Bookmarks File window will close.
  6. Close the Library window.

For more information click here.

General Software

Installing Web Browser Extensions: Google Chrome, Safari, FireFox

Web browser extensions are popular add-ons that can aid in your day-to-day online activities and improve security. There are a lot to choose from, but simplicity is key. Only download extensions that you know you will use and benefit from on a regular basis. IMPORTANT NOTE: Always download from a reputable source and check reviews before downloading to stay safe.

Google Chrome:
  1. Visit the Google Chrome Extension Store
  2. Search for the extension you want or browse through the selection
  3. Click on the extension you wish to add
  4. Click Add to Chrome
  5. The extension will now appear in the top-right corner of the browser window
  1. Open Safari
  2. Choose Safari > Safari Extensions
  3. Search for the extension you want or browse through the selection
  4. Click GET > INSTALL
  5. The extension will now appear to the left of the search bar
  1. Open Firefox
  2. Click on settings in the top-right corner
  3. Click Add-ons > Get Add-ons
  4. Search for the extension you want or browse through the selection
  5. Click Install
  6. The extension will now appear in the top-right corner of the browser window
General Software

Recommended Software (link)

Check out some software we recommend on our Recommended Software Page
General Software

Remote Software & Computer Access Procedure

There are times when you need to use a certain software application or device but do not have physical access. Instead, you can remotely access a device at MLML that has the software you need or computing capabilities. Below are the instructions on how to gain software & computing access remotely.


STEP 1: Identify Needs


STEP 2: Submit an IT Helpdesk Ticket

Once you know what you need, we can help you get access to it. Submit an IT Helpdesk Ticket with the information you uncovered from Step 1. Please do the research before submitting an IT Helpdesk Ticket so we know exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish.



Once you have the go-ahead from the IT Department, setup access to the MLML network using VPN. You will need to be connected to the MLML network to access a device remotely.

Access the MLML Network using VPN Instructions


STEP 4: Launch Remote Desktop

NOTE: The following instructions are to connect to a Windows desktop computer from Windows or macOS.

IMPORTANT: You will need to configure the Windows computer to which you are connecting to allow Remote Desktop connections. Refer to the Troubleshooting section below to enable Remote Desktop connections