Computer Performance


macOS is Apple’s operating system for all Mac devices. For more information about macOS visit the macOS Apple Page.


About This Mac

  • This dialog shows you basic information about the manufacture date and hardware of your Mac.
  • Click the Apple icon at the top left of the screen on the menu bar.
  • Click About This Mac.
  • The dialog window with basic system information will pop up
  •  Click the System Report button for more detailed information for the advanced user.



Activity Monitor

  • Similar to Task Manager for PC, Activity Monitor displays every program running on your Mac. You can manage these running programs and identify how they are affecting your Mac’s performance.
  • For more information visit Activity Monitor Support.



Uninstall Unnecessary Applications
  • One simple way to clear disk space and keep your computer running smoothly is to uninstall applications you don’t need or aren’t using.
  • NOTE: Make sure you know what the application function is before you delete it, some applications are key to keeping your computer functioning properly.
  • Find the list of applications: Open Finder → Applications (left side panel)
  • How to Uninstall Applications on Mac



Windows is Microsoft’s operating system for PCs. For more information about Windows visit the Microsoft Windows Page.


System Information

  • Windows also has a basic system information dialog, similar to About This Mac (OS Version, Processor, Memory, 32/64bit info)
  • Right click the This PC Icon on your Desktop and Click Properties.
    • If it isn't there, search "This PC" in the Search Box on your Taskbar.
    • On Windows 8 this program is called Computer, and on Windows 7, it's My Computer.
  • This system information dialog should pop up