Flickr FAQ

Flickr is an image and video hosting site. You can create galleries, edit your images, share them with the public or certain people, and give restrictions on others to download your images. You are also able to search your images through tags.

How to Upload Images:
Click here to see how to upload your images or videos.
NOTE: See How to Privatize Your Images to change settings and upload your photos on private automatically. Also see How to Hide or Unhide Your Photos from Public Searches to hide your images from public searches.

How to Privatize Your Images:
Click on your profile icon and select Settings.
Click on the Privacy & Permission tab.
Update your Global, Defaults for new uploads, & Content filters.
To learn how to change your current public photos, click here and scroll down to “To make your currently public photos private”.

How Create or Delete an Album:
Click on the following link to learn how to create or delete an album.

How to Add Tags:
See Flickr’s tag keywords support page.

How to Add, Delete, or Prevent Tags of People:
Click on the following link to learn about tagging people.

How to View Your Tag List:
Click on the following link to see how to view all your tags.

How to Hide or Unhide Your Photos from Public Searches:
See Flickr’s hide or unhide photos from public searches page.

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