How to install ArcGIS

Step One:

Please submit an IT Helpdesk Ticket requesting ArcGIS installer.

Step Two:

Once you have received the installer, download it and click run to begin installation.

  1. Select destination folder - either default or browse & choose a different folder
  2. This will initiate the extraction of the installation files.
  3. Once the files are extracted check the box at the bottom of the screen to open installation files.
  4. Click Close.
  5. The installation will commence.
  6. Accept the master agreement > Next.
  7. Choose your installation method preference
    1. Complete - all apps and features installed (best for basic/intermediate arcgis users)
    2. Custom - you hand pick which apps and features you'd like to install (best for advanced users)
  8. Click Next.
  9. Select designation folder - either default or browse & choose a different folder
    1. This will occur twice in a row: once for installation files, the other for python files
  10. Check or uncheck the "participate in Esri User Experience Improvement program" based on your preference.
  11. Click Install.
  12. Allow the installation process to complete and click Finish.
  13. The ArcGIS Administrator Wizard will likely automatically open.
    1. Select Advanced (ArcInfo) Concurrent Use.
    2. Under License Manager, select that you'll define one later with ArcGIS Administrator. 
  14. Finish.
  15. Now ArcGIS should be installed.
  16. Follow the instructions for concurrent/single-use licensing here.
    1. Note: The ArcGIS Administrator may open automatically after installation complete. Keep it open and follow instructions for licensing.