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Connecting an iPhone to MLML WiFi

Network Services Network Connectivity

First, review this section about connecting to MLML WiFi networks: Wireless Networks ...

Gmail: Send Emails from a Google Group or Alias

Email & Gmail Gmail

If you have an alternate email that you would like to send emails from through your gmail account...

Reset your SJSUOne Password

Network Services Network Connectivity

If you forget your SJSUOne password you will not be able to access any of SJSUs services includin...

Student Computer Recommendations

Computer Hardware Upgrade & Managment Computer Hardware Upgrades

Choosing a new computer is an important decision, and we would like to provide recommendations fo...

Equipment Available for Checkout

Classrooms & Academic Technology IT Equipment Checkout

Here you will find links to commonly checked out items on Populi. This is not an exhaustive list,...

ArcGIS Online

Software ArcGIS

ArcGIS Online offers a complete, cloud-based geographic information system of the world. CSUMB an...

Transferring Media and Clearing SD Cards

Classrooms & Academic Technology A/V Studio and Equipment

After using any of IT's cameras for recording class content it is important to transfer the media...

Social Media Overview & Policies

MLML Social Media Overview & Policies

Compiled by Lauren Cooley (08/2020). Some material from IT's social media meeting notes. Socia...

GoPro HERO7 User Guide

Classrooms & Academic Technology A/V Studio and Equipment

To view GoPro's complete user manual for the HERO7, click this link. Recording Video Power on...

Guide for Zoom Seminar Participants

Collaboration & Communication Tools Communications Software & Zoom

Configure Zoom Prior to the Seminar Download the Zoom Client app ahead of time If you don...

Recommended Operating Systems: MacOS & Windows

Software Operating Systems

IT highly recommends using either macOS or Windows 10 operating systems. Keeping your operating s...

Submitting Timesheets with DocuSign

Collaboration & Communication Tools DocuSign

Submit all timesheets to your Supervisor through DocuSign and CC Jane Webster to ensure that they...

Google Docs

G Suite Google Apps

Google Docs are a great way to share documents between multiple people and allow for simultaneous...

Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

General Support Info Tech Support & Self-Support Basics

Keyboard and mouse shortcuts are automatically built into your computer's operating system and ca...

Installing Web Browser Extensions: Google Chrome, Safari, FireFox

Software General Software

Web browser extensions are popular add-ons that can aid in your day-to-day online activities and ...

Connecting to MLML Wireless Networks and WiFi

Network Services Network Connectivity

eduroam (recommended) "eduroam" enables MLML staff, faculty, and students (as well as other CSU ...

5 Tips for Creating WordPress Posts

WordPress How-To Guides

Posts on the MLML website are meant to be a brief, but intriguing introduction to an event or art...

WordPress Image Storage and Backup: Drop Box, Google Photos, iCloud

WordPress Media Use & Policies

Image Storage Strategies and Backup Best Practices Backup Options and Locations 1. Dropbox Dro...

WordPress Image Use Guidelines

WordPress Media Use & Policies

Our website is the public face of MLML. We want it to be rich in multimedia and visually appealin...

Creating QR Codes

Collaboration & Communication Tools

Creating QR codes with Chrome Open Google Chrome Navigate to the webpage you would like the Q...