E-Waste Procedures

When throwing away any electronics, all data/information and any tags will need to be deleted/removed before discarding. 

Follow these E-Waste procedures outlined below:
  1. Check for MLML, SJSU, or SJSURF asset tags
    • If present, remove the tag and stick it to a piece of paper. Write the Make, Model, and description of the device.
    • Give the paper with this information to Kathleen and a copy to IT.
  2. Remove the hard drive and label it with the group (e.g. MLML) and device info.
    • Coordinate for the destruction of data or drive with IT via iTicket.
  3. Check with IT to determine if any parts/components are still viable or useful.
  4. Dispose the device in e-waste bins located in the corner of the corp yard by the warehouse door. Make sure the bins are covered after you’re done.