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Knowledge Base for all IT questions such as software installation, connecting to wifi, and hardwa...

Request Microsoft Office for State-Owned Computers

Software Microsoft Office

  Free versions of Microsoft Office are only available for state-owned computers. Discounts for...

Google Apps

G Suite

Learn about Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Calendar, etc.


Email & Gmail

Information about the Gmail web-client

Email Client Software

Email & Gmail



Information about Adobe Acrobat, the Adobe Creative Cloud package, and PDFs


Collaboration & Communication Tools

Media Use & Policies


Image Management and Usage information

File Services

Network Services

File servers, file shares, etc.

SJSU Services Introduction

Network Services Network Connectivity

State and Research Foundation employees are assigned a 9-digit SJSU ID that can be used to access...

Access the MLML Network using VPN

Network Services Network Connectivity

Privacy Notice All internet traffic to and from your computer will be routed through the MLML ne...

Create and Manage Projects with Google Drive

G Suite Google Apps

  Documents, Sheets, Slides Documents, sheets, and slides are web-based office suite that all...

Connect using Google

G Suite Google Apps

Google consists of multiple applications that are great for communication. A key component of the...

How to Update an ArcGIS 10.x Concurrent Use License

Software ArcGIS

Update Concurrent Use License: Click on the Windows Start button, and type ArcGIS Administrator...

How to use MLML Google Calendars (link)

G Suite Google Apps

  See the Calendars page in Classrooms & Academic Technology --> Calendars & Reservat...

Statistics Software


Information about R, SPSS, etc.

Making MLML Reservations

Classrooms & Academic Technology Calendars & Reservations

  Requesting a Reservation Intranet → Calendar/Reservations Rooms - Classrooms ...

Installing OLD Admin or Library Kyocera Copier as a Printer (Mac OS X)

Printing, Print, Printers, Scanning, Co...

IMPORTANT: There are three parts to this process: Downloading the Kyocera drive...

Set Up Duo 2-Factor Authentication

Security & Anti-Malware Duo 2-Factor Authentication

**Did you get a new phone and not setup Duo Restore beforehand? Visit our Recovering Duo 2-Factor...

WiFi Networks at MLML (link)

Network Services Network Connectivity

See the Network Services page on the IT Website for more information about WiFi (eduroam) as well...

Determine the MAC Address and IP Address of your Computer

Network Services Network Connectivity

  Windows: Determine MAC Addresses using the Command Prompt: Open a Command Prompt: Start Men...

How to Share Large Files with People using Google Drive

Network Services File Services

  Google Drive is an excellent choice. You already have access through your MLML email account, ...

Connect to a File Server with a Specific Username (macOS)

Network Services File Services

  To connect to an SMB file server using a different username, you can use this procedure: In ...

Renew your DHCP Lease (IP Address)

Network Services Network Connectivity

  Windows: Open a Command Prompt: Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Command P...

Password Checklist

Security & Anti-Malware

  For information about User Accounts, including SJSU and CSUMB accounts, see the User Accounts ...

Acceptable Use Policy for MLML

Network Services Network Connectivity

  In an effort to protect the integrity of the MLML network and to mitigate the risks and losses...

What is Ping and How Do I Use It?

Network Services Network Connectivity

ping is a software utility that allows you test if you can reach a host (such as another computer...

How to Disconnect from a Server or File Share

Network Services File Services

  Windows: Open a command prompt by either: Click Start > Programs > Accessories > ...


Classrooms & Academic Technology

Operating Systems


Find information about different operating systems.

Network Services

Find support topics on connecting to the wifi, using VPN, and file services.

MLML Social Media Overview & Policies


Learn what software is available and the installation processes.

General Support Info

Information on tech support and self-support basics.

G Suite

Learn about Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Calendar, etc.


Learn about WordPress and creating websites, webpages, and posts on the MLML WordPress platform.

Security & Anti-Malware

Learn about how to keep your computer secure.

Front Page

Classrooms & Academic Technology

Informations about Classrooms, Web Services for Students, and Technology in the Classrooms and Me...

Printing, Print, Printers, Scanning, Copiers

Information about MLML's Printers and Scanners

Collaboration & Communication Tools

Information about Phones, Faxing, and Zoom, Google Hangout, & DocuSign

Computer Hardware Upgrade & Managment

Guides and information about computer setup, management, and backups. As well as information on h...

Email & Gmail

Configure you email accounts, learn about email client software, and more.

Drop-In Blog

Copy Room Equipment

General Software


Shipping & Receiving

Front Office



General Knowledge

Network Connectivity

Network Services

Network access, VPN, network troubleshooting, etc.

Tech Support & Self-Support Basics

General Support Info

Learn how to use iTickets, activate your SJSUOne Account, etc.



Learn how to install, update a license, and enable toolboxes/extensions.

Microsoft Office


Information on installing and using Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Calendars & Reservations

Classrooms & Academic Technology

Information about Google calendars and reserving a room at MLML.

IT Equipment Checkout

Classrooms & Academic Technology

Learn what is available for checkout and the procedure to do so.

Room/Classroom/Seminar/Defense Technology

Classrooms & Academic Technology

Learn about the technology, audio, and video procedures and options in different rooms at MLML.

Phones & Faxing

Collaboration & Communication Tools

Who can get a phone at MLML, how do you program or troubleshoot phone & communication issues? Lea...

Computer Hardware Upgrades

Computer Hardware Upgrade & Managment

What hardware should you have for your lab or computer? What are some of the best practices for s...

MLML iTicket System User Guide

General Support Info Tech Support & Self-Support Basics

  Introduction to iTickets at MLML iTickets are submitted by users, through the HelpDesk websit...