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Network Connectivity

Network Services

Network access, VPN, network troubleshooting, etc.

Tech Support & Self-Support Basics

General Support Info

Learn how to use iTickets, activate your SJSUOne Account, etc.



Learn how to install, update a license, and enable toolboxes/extensions.

Microsoft Office


Information on installing and using Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Calendars & Reservations

Classrooms & Academic Technology

Information about Google calendars and reserving a room at MLML.

IT Equipment Checkout

Classrooms & Academic Technology

Learn what is available for checkout and the procedure to do so.

Room/Classroom/Seminar/Defense Technology

Classrooms & Academic Technology

Learn about the technology, audio, and video procedures and options in different rooms at MLML.

Phones & Faxing

Collaboration & Communication Tools

Who can get a phone at MLML, how do you program or troubleshoot phone & communication issues? Lea...

Computer Hardware Upgrades

Computer Hardware Upgrade & Managment

What hardware should you have for your lab or computer? What are some of the best practices for s...

General Software


Operating Systems


Find information about different operating systems.

Statistics Software


Information about R, SPSS, etc.

Computer Management & Storage

Computer Hardware Upgrade & Managment

Helpful pages about how to manage, backup, and store data on your device. Also information about ...

Duo 2-Factor Authentication

Security & Anti-Malware


Classrooms & Academic Technology

Information about Canvas, how to access & use it.