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How to prepare a poster file to be printed

  1. Make sure your printing is scheduled to happen at least two working days before your poster is needed.  We have contacts with the main campus just in case a backup is needed.
  2. Concerning size, we usually have of photo paper on rolls of 36” and 44”.   That does not mean that your poster can’t be bigger than that, but it means that either you width or length can’t be larger than that one of these dimensions.
  3. In order to prevent scaling of your image, we recommend making your file size smaller than the physical dimensions of the paper by a 0.25 inches on each side.  For example, if the paper dimensions are 36" x 24" we recommend making your poster 35.5" by 23.5".
  4. You can use any program to create your poster but you should convert it to a PDF when you are finished.  If you are working on a PC then DosPDF works best if on a MAC then use Acrobat Distiller to create an Acrobat PDF file. Some applications have a save as command for PDF. Check that file very carefully make sure it is really the # of inches you want and it looks good in Acrobat at 200%.
  5. Please contact the IT team by emailing them at if you need help with any graphics program.

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