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SJSU Services Introduction

Network Services Network Connectivity

State and Research Foundation employees are assigned a 9-digit SJSU ID that can be used to access...

How to Migrate Files: Dropbox, Folder Sharing, External Hard Drives, Google Calendar

Computer Hardware Upgrade & Managment Computer Management & Storage

Quick Tips: Create folders on each computer to keep track of things you will and will ...

Student Blogger Handbook

Drop-In Blog

MLML Drop-In Blog  Student Blogger Handbook First Edition by Erin Loury (September 18, 2011) ...

Blog Manager Handbook

Drop-In Blog

MLML Drop-In Blog  Blog Manager Handbook First Edition by Erin Loury (September 18, 2011) Re...

Recommended Software (link)

Software General Software

Check out some software we recommend on our Recommended Software Page

Zoom for Remote Teaching at MLML

Collaboration & Communication Tools Communications Software & Zoom

How to host a Remote Class at MLML using Zoom: For a more comprehensive guide for using Zoom, fo...

Google Hangouts

G Suite Google Apps

Google Hangouts is an easy way to video chat and hold meetings with up to 50 people. The service ...

Gmail Overview

G Suite Google Apps

MLML IT has created multiple pages to help you configure and use your Gmail account. These pages ...

Recovering Duo 2-Factor Account

Security & Anti-Malware Duo 2-Factor Authentication

  When you setup your Duo 2-Factor Account, it's important to setup Duo Restore to ensure easy a...

Create a Disk Image Backup with Macrium Reflect

Software Operating Systems

Creating a disk image is a great way to keep your computer and files backed up. This is one of tw...

Access the MLML Network using GlobalProtect VPN

Network Services Network Connectivity

Privacy Notice All internet traffic to and from your computer will be routed through the MLML ne...

How to Become a WordPress Admin

WordPress How-To Guides

  Submit an iTicket First you must submit an iTicket with IT and give them the following inf...

Computer Setup & Data Management

Computer Hardware Upgrade & Managment Computer Management & Storage

Below are the steps you should take to purchase, setup, and manage a new workstation.   Purcha...

Making MLML Reservations

Classrooms & Academic Technology Calendars & Reservations

  Requesting a Reservation Intranet → Calendar/Reservations Rooms - Classrooms ...

How to use MLML Google Calendars (link)

G Suite Google Apps

  See the Calendars page in Classrooms & Academic Technology --> Calendars & Reservat...

Request Microsoft Office for State-Owned Computers

Software Microsoft Office

  Free versions of Microsoft Office are only available for state-owned computers. Discounts for...

How to Update an ArcGIS 10.x Concurrent Use License

Software ArcGIS

Update Concurrent Use License: Click on the Windows Start button, and type ArcGIS Administrator...

Connect using Google

G Suite Google Apps

Google consists of multiple applications that are great for communication. A key component of the...

Create and Manage Projects with Google Drive

G Suite Google Apps

  Documents, Sheets, Slides Documents, sheets, and slides are web-based office suite that all...

Zoom Security Best Practices & Recommendations

Collaboration & Communication Tools Communications Software & Zoom

Do's and Don'ts at a Glance Scheduling: The Do's Hosting: The Do's   DO keep m...