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Access the MLML Network using GlobalProtect VPN

Privacy Notice

All internet traffic to and from your computer will be routed through the MLML network while connected to the VPN. Imagine you are physically present at MLML until you Disconnect, at which point your internet traffic will no longer go through the MLML network. The CSU Responsible Use Policy applies to all network activity on computers actively connected to the VPN.

Connect to the MLML VPN to access the following services remotely:

Initial Client Installation & Setup

  1. Download and install the GlobalProtect VPN client version 5.2.8:
  2. A "Welcome to GlobalProtect" window with a small text box should show up once the installation is complete.
    • A GlobalProtect icon in your taskbar on Windows or your menu bar on macOS should also appear.

  3. These additional steps are required for macOS 10.13 High Sierra and above:
    1. Navigate to System Preferences > Security & Privacy.
    2. Click the lock icon in the lower left corner of the window to allow settings changes.
    3. Click the Allow button next to this message: "System software from developer 'Palo Alto Networks' was blocked from loading."
    4. You may need to restart your Mac before GlobalProtect will work. You may also need to perform this step more than once on macOS 11 Big Sur and above.


  1. If the GlobalProtect window is not visible, click on the GlobalProtect icon in your taskbar or menu bar.

  2. Enter the following portal address:
  3. Click Connect.

  4. The SJSU sign-in portal should open in a new window. Enter your SJSU account ID number and password. Click Sign In.
  1. You should be connected to the VPN within a few seconds if everything was entered correctly.
    • Clicking away from the GlobalProtect window will hide it automatically.

NOTE: If you are unable to connect:

    • Disconnect from all other VPNs.
    • Restart your computer.
    • If you are still unable to connect, submit a Help Desk ticket for assistance.


  1. If the GlobalProtect window is not visible, click on the GlobalProtect icon in your taskbar or menu bar.

  2. Click Disconnect.


  • Windows
    • You may uninstall GlobalProtect via "Add or remove programs."
  • macOS
    • Run the installer again, but this time check the "Uninstall GlobalProtect" checkbox.
    • If you can't uninstall GlobalProtect because it's running and can't be quit, reboot your Mac and start it up in Safe Mode:, then try uninstalling GlobalProtect again. 
    • If you are still unable to install GlobalProtect after removing it, uninstall it again and delete all files related to GlobalProtect and Palo Alto Networks in this file locations:
      • /Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support
      • /Macintosh HD/Library/LaunchAgents
      • /Macintosh HD/Library/LaunchDaemons
      • /Macintosh HD/Users/<your username>/Library/Application Support



If you are having trouble using GlobalProtect or connecting to the MLML network, try these steps:

  • Uninstall GlobalProtect using the instructions above, then download the latest version from this page and reinstall it.
  • Ensure you are using your MLML username and password. The username does not include "", just the user ID.
  • If you are using a Mac, ensure that you have allowed all GlobalProtect system extensions in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General.