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Secure Password Storage & Management

There are a many simple methods to securely store and manage numerous passwords. Although all methods have their benefits and their shortcomings, below are a few good solutions, their recommended uses, and some info to get you started. Please also read our Password Checklist which consists of best practices for creating strong passwords and keeping them secure.

NOTE: ANY of these methods are better than storing your passwords in a notebook, on a sticky note on your monitor, under your keyboard, or in plain text on your computer.


KeePass & KeePassX


Adequately secure

LastPass makes storing multiple passwords for websites and web services easy. It is available as a web browser add-on and an app giving you access to all your passwords anywhere, anytime - and it's free! SJSU affiliates can get LastPass Premium for free as well, which offers access from multiple types of devices and other features.

Create a LastPass Account for Free or SJSU LastPass Premium account (if you have a oneSJSU account)

    1. Create your LastPass Master Password
      • Create a strong password that satisfies all of LastPass' minimum requirements
      • Ensure that you are able to remember this password, so you can access your LastPass password vault
      • You may add an optional password hint to help you remember your Master Password

Get the LastPass Web Browser Add-On

    1. Choose your operating system > web browser > Download
    2. Once LastPass is added to your web browser, sign in
      1. Click the LastPass browser button in the top right corner of your browser
      2. Select "Login" at the bottom of the pop-up box.
      3. Enter you email address and master password.

How to Begin Using LastPass

    1. Visit a website that requires a login and enter your password
    2. After logging in, a pop-up will appear in the upper right corner of your browser prompting you to add this site's login info to LastPass
    3. Click Add
    4. Now, when you visit this site, LastPass will autofill your login information for you
    5. Configure your settings: click on the LastPass icon in the upper right corner of your browser > Account Options > Extension Preferences

Keep in mind that LastPass will only save and autofill your passwords when you are logged into the web browser extension. Simply login using your email and Master Password whenever you begin browsing on your computer.


LastPass Mobile App

  1. Visit your phone's app store
  2. Search for LastPass and download the app
  3. Open the app and Login
  4. Your passwords should be synced from your web browser account
  5. Passwords used on your phone will also be stored in your account


KeePass and KeePassXC

Very secure

KeePass is one of the most secure, robust, and free password managers available.
If you are at all concerned about security, we recommend giving KeePass a try.

Download KeePass here:


Configure your Settings


1. Automatically save when closing/locking the database

    • KeePass > Tools > Options > Advanced

2. Lock workspace after the following idle time (seconds): 120 seconds

    • KeePass > Tools > Options > Security



1. Automatically save changes upon quit or lock

    • KeePassX > Preferences > General (2)

2. Automatically lock the database after a minute or 2

    • KeePassX > Preferences > Security