Recovering Duo 2-Factor Account

When you setup your Duo 2-Factor Account, it's important to setup Duo Restore to ensure easy account recovery if you get a new device or your account is deleted off your original device. However, if you did not enable Duo Restore before getting a new device do not fear, you can still recover your account through the SJSU IT Department. Follow the instructions below:


  1. First you will need to contact the SJSU IT Department
    1. Submit request via email:
    2. In this email let their IT department know that you have an account on an original device but now have a new device, that you have not setup Duo Restore, and you need to register your account on your new device. 
  2. The IT department will respond to you asking for you to verify your identity - make sure you always verify the recipient before you share any information via email. The email should come from
  3. Once they verify your email, they will remove your old account which will allow you to setup your new account. 
  4. To setup your new account, follow the instructions on our Set Up Duo 2-Factor Authentication page.
  5. You can also access the instructions on how to enable Duo Restore from our setup page, or directly visit the Duo Restore Help page. ***It is HIGHLY recommended that you setup Duo Restore for an easier transfer in future scenarios***