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Recovering Duo 2-Factor Account


When you setup your Duo 2-Factor Account, it's important to setup Duo Restore to ensure easy account recovery if you get a new device or your account is deleted off your original device. However, if you did not enable Duo Restore before getting a new device do not fear, you can still recover your account by contacting the MLML IT Help Desk. Follow the instructions below:

  1. File an MLML IT Ticket. Include your name, and your SJSU email address and ID number.
  2. When your request is processed, you will be sent a temporary bypass code.
    1. Visit the SJSU Duo MFA Settings page:
    2. Enter this code when prompted for a Duo code: 


    3. Follow the directions on the SJSU Duo setup page to add your new device as a Duo authentication device: