WordPress Embedding Best Practices and Policies

What does embedding mean?


Shortcode - Kind of like a widget in text form. Paste these into the Custom HTML widget.
Example: [foogallery id="4772"]

iframe - Raw HTML code that embeds a web page. Commonly used to embed things like Google Calendar and Google Maps. Submit a Help Desk ticket for assistance.
Example: <iframe src=”https://example.org”></iframe>


  • Embedding
      • Videos
        Do not upload videos within WordPress. They will be removed. 
        • Embed method(s) 
          • Video widget
            • Add Video > Insert from URL 
              • YouTube, Vimeo, and other video services should work. Give it a try.
      • FooGallery
        • Embed method(s)
          • Shortcode

      • PDF’s
        • Upload via media upload
          • Insert as in-line text

      • Web Forms
        • Submit a Help Desk ticket before publishing a web form. IT needs to ensure that anti-spam protection is in place (reCAPTCHA).
        • Ninja Forms
          • Embed method(s) 
            • Shortcode
            • “Append a Ninja Form” option on Posts and Pages - located to the right of the editor.
      • Google Maps/My Maps
        • Embed method(s)
          • iframe
      • Google Drive
        • Embed method(s) 
          • iframe