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Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

Keyboard and mouse shortcuts are automatically built into your computer's operating system and can greatly increase your efficiency and streamline your workflow.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • There are a lot of resources online to learn shortcuts
  • There are subtle differences between Windows and MacOS
  • Below is a table of common shortcuts for both Windows and MacOS
Working with Text
Function Windows (CTRL +) MacOS (command +)
Cut selected text X X
Copy selected text C C
Paste selected text V V
Select all text on the active window A A
Bold selected text B B
Italicize selected text I I
Underline selected text U U
Beginning of the current line Home* Left Arrow
End of the current line End* Right Arrow
Beginning of the next word Right Arrow Option + Right Arrow*
Beginning of the previous word Left Arrow Option + Left Arrow*
Select the next word Shift + Right Arrow Shift + Option + Right Arrow*
Select the previous word Shift + Left Arrow Shift + Option + Left Arrow*

*Do not require pressing the CTRL/command key

Working with Files and Applications
Function Windows (CTRL +) MacOS (command +)
Quit a frozen application Alt + Delete Option + Command + Esc*
Send selected file to the Recycle Bin Delete* Delete
Open selected file or application Enter* Down Arrow
Create a new file N N
Open an existing file O O
Print an open file P P
Save the current file S S
Undo the previous action Z Z
Redo the previous action Y Y
Fine a word or phrase F F
Zoom out - -
Zoom in = =
Quit the current application Alt + F4* Q
Search for application or file C (search the web & Windows w/ Cortana) Spacebar
Open the start menu Windows key*


Close the current file or window   W
Switch between open windows Alt + Tab* Tab

*Do not require pressing the CTRL/command key

Internet Shortcuts
Function Windows (CTRL +) MacOS (command +)
Find a word or phrase F F
Open a new browser tab T T
Open a new browser window N N
Reload the current browser page R R
Skip to the next field in a web form Tab* Tab*
Bookmark the current page D D
View bookmarks B B
View browsing history H Y
View downloads J  
Scroll to the top of the webpage Home* Home*
Scroll to the bottom of the webpage End* End*

*Do not require pressing the CTRL/command key

You can customize and add keyboard shortcuts by opening System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts tab.

Mouse Shortcuts

  • Mouse shortcuts can vary between what type of mouse you are using as well as whether you are using a laptop trackpad. Feel free to google your specific model and learn more.
  • Here are some universal mouse commands:
    • Select a word: double-click
    • Select a paragraph: triple click
    • Select a large chunk of text: Shift+click at the beginning, scroll, Shift+click at the end
    • Define a word: Right-click + Look Up "..."