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MLML Knowledge Base Guide for Viewers


MLML is using BookStack as a Knowledge Base to organize and provide information to staff, faculty, and students. You can find information about different IT-related and internal resource topics that will make your work or studies at MLML run smoothly and efficiently.


Most of the IT Knowledge Base is publicly accessible, but certain pages are restricted to the MLML community. Login to the KB with your MLML Username and Password to access these pages.

What are Shelves, Books, Chapters, & Pages?

  • Shelves: Bookshelves are used to organize books into different categories

    • When you select Shelves you will see a list of MLML Shelves
    • When you select a specific Shelf you will be directed to all Books in that Shelf
  • Books: Each book covers a topic and will contain different chapters and pages that cover information about that topic

    • When you select Books you will see a list of MLML Books
    • When you select a specific Book you will see a list of Chapters in that book and Pages that are not subcategorized within a specific Chapter
  • Chapters: Contains Pages that are grouped together in a subcategory of a Book

    • You may select a Chapter to see all Pages within that subcategory
  • Pages: The actual Posts that contain information relating to a certain category of IT information or internal MLML resources

How to Navigate the Knowledge Base (BookStack):

  1. Landing page displays static page with links to all IT KB Books, and "Top Pages”
  2. Use buttons at top right to navigate to Shelves and Books
  3. Search a topic quickly by using the Search Tab at the top of the page and all Shelves, Books, Chapters, and Pages that pertain to that topic will appear
    1. You can select filters on the left-hand menu to further refine your search
  4. As you navigate through the site a Navigation Banner will appear at the top of the page underneath the “MLML Knowledge Base” banner
    1. This banner shows the trail of Book, Chapter, or Page so you can easily go back to a Chapter or Book that a Page was in
  5. Once you navigate to a list of Pages within a Book or Chapter, a “Book Navigation” tab will appear on the left-hand menu
    1. This tab shows you what Book and, if applicable, Chapter that the Pages fall under for easy navigation
  6. After selecting a Page, a tab “Page Navigation” will appear on the left-hand menu
    1. This tab can be used to navigate to different headers within a Page if you want to jump to a specific section
  7. Comments are encouraged on Pages if you have questions or feedback on how IT could improve the Page or what information is missing