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Top Ten Tech To-Dos


With a consistently increasing number of hacks, scams, malware and more, the Internet can feel like a dangerous place these days. The following list is provided as a suggestion to safely and efficiently navigate your way through the “Information Age”. By taking precautions you can significantly reduce your chances of security breaches or personal data loss. Additionally, the provided suggestions will allow you to efficiently problem solve and keep your machine running smoothly.

  1. Backup your devices

    • Scheduling routine backups can protect you from the unexpected. Always keep a few months' worth of retrievable backup for your computer to ensure that you don’t lose important files. It is also a good idea to backup your cell phone as well.
    • Follow the instructions here to learn more.
  2. Use a password manager

    • It is important to create a unique password for all you accounts to maximize security. LastPass is a password manager that can keep track of all your various passwords so you don’t have to—and it's free!
    • Follow the instructions here to keep your passwords secure and in one place.
  3. Keep your computer secure

    • Keeping your accounts and information secure should be a top priority. By implementing best practices for account and network security, you not only protect yourself but also others who are connected to the same network. It is also important to not leave your computer or phone logged in and unattended in a public place.
    • Follow the instructions here to improve your computer’s security.
  4. Monitor your computer’s performance

    • There are a lot of factors as to why your computer may be running slow. A quick and easy way to identify what might be the root of your computer’s poor performance is investigating through your computer’s Task Manager or Activity monitor.
    • Follow the instructions here to view your computer’s performance.
  5. Use Google search to help resolve errors or problems

    • Many errors and inconveniences you face can be solved by using google to troubleshoot. Simply type the error or problem into google’s search engine and look through the results. You have a wealth of information at your fingertips - don’t be afraid to use it!
    • Follow the instructions here for tips to find the solution you need.
  6. Keep the operating system (OS) and software up to date

    • It is important to always use the most up-to-date version of your computer’s operating system and software. This will not only ensure you have the best software available, but can also protect the security of your computer.
    • For information about Windows updates, go here.
    • For information about macOS updates, go here.
  7. Manage your Gmail inbox efficiently

    • Having multiple email accounts and a cluttered inbox can cause important emails to get lost in the mix. Setting up automatic forwarding and filtering of incoming messages can help keep your inbox organized.
    • Follow the instructions here to learn how to make gmail work for you.
  8. Make use of web browser extensions

    • Many different web browsers offer a suite of extensions that can aid in everything from security to blocking unwanted ads to finding the cheapest prices on products. Be careful about which extensions you install though, and read the user reviews.
    • Here is a list of popular extensions to get you started. At the end of the linked article is a section about how to stay safe when installing browser extensions.
  9. Delete cookies and clear your cache regularly

    • Many websites will store information that you provide online in your web browser. This storage is known as a cookie. Browsing history is also stored in your computer’s hard drive in what is called a cache. Regularly clearing these can help keep your computer running smoothly.
    • Follow the instructions here to learn how to clear both.
  10. Learn keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier

    • Both Windows and Apple have an assortment of keyboard shortcuts that can aid in everyday browsing as well as more intensive activities. Learning some key shortcuts can streamline and simplify your work.
    • Learn some basic shortcuts for various programs here.