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Can I create folders in Gmail?

Unfortunately, Gmail does not currently support folders. There are two ways you can manage emails.

Using an email client:

You can create folders and manage your email using an email client on your personal computer. Then sort all of your email into organized/categorized folders or a single folder in an email client and only leave email messages in your inbox that you are currently using.

Using SJSU Gmail:

Gmail allows you to "label" your email messages to help you sort your email into categories. If you would like to see all emails under a certain label, the categories can be found on the left hand side under "Labels". Once messages are labeled, you can archive these emails. Archiving messages moves them out of your "Inbox" abut they remain in "All Mail", letting you tidy up your inbox without deleting anything. You can also speed up your inbox by moving messages into your "Archive".

For information on creating and managing labels in Gmail, please refer to the Google Apps Help Center, "Labeling Mail" help topic, Click here.