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Configure email on your phone and other third-party email programs

iOS (iPhones and iPads):

We do not recommend using Apple’s built-in apps for email and calendar on your iPhone or iPad because they lack support for many features in Gmail and Google Calendar.

Instead we recommend downloading the following apps from the App Store:

If you have already signed into Apple’s Mail app with your Gmail account, we recommend only syncing your contacts.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Scroll to find Mail and click on it
  3. Select your gmail account
  4. Enable Contacts only


Similarly to iOS, we do not recommend using the built-in macOS apps like Mail and Calendar, and instead using the G Suite's webpage interfaces.


We recommend using Gmail and other Google apps on Android. Nearly all Android phones will have these apps preinstalled. For instructions on how to sign in, follow this guide.

Desktop Mail Programs

Third-party desktop email programs, like Microsoft Outlook, are not recommended. If you need to access your email offline, you can enable offline access by following these instructions.


If you really want to use a desktop email program, follow these instructions to log in with Gmail: