Cisco Phone & Voicemail Quick Tips

A great guide for operating Cisco phones can be found here, however below you will find tips on how to perform the most common functions.

  1. Make a call
    Internal: simply dial the full number or 1 + the 4-digit extension
    External: dial 71 + the full number (including area code)

  2. Access your phone history
    Select Applications Screen-Shot-2019-09-12-at-9.45.01-AM.png, then call history

  3. Place a call on hold
    Select Hold Screen-Shot-2019-09-12-at-9.46.30-AM.png
    To resume the call, press the Resume soft key

  4. Transfer a call
    Select transfer Screen-Shot-2019-09-12-at-9.50.48-AM.png, dial the number, press the transfer button again

  5. Start a conference call
    Select Conference Screen-Shot-2019-09-12-at-9.51.42-AM.png, dial the new participant, press the conference button again

  6. Silence the ringer
    Press the volume button down once Screen-Shot-2019-09-12-at-9.52.43-AM.png

  7. Change Voicemail Pin/Password
    Select Voice Mail and enter your current pin
    Press 4 > 3 > 1
    Enter a new pin and press #
    Enter the new pin again to confirm it and press #

  8. Access your voicemail
    Select Voice Mail Enter your pin

  9. Change your name in your voice mail greeting
    Select Voice Mail and enter your pin
    Press 4 for Setup Options
    Press 3 for Preferences
    Press 2 for Recorded Name
    Follow the prompts

  10. Add speed dial numbers to your phone
    Speed Dial configuration must be performed by the phone system administrator.
    Please submit an IT Helpdesk Ticket to request speed dials for your phone. Each phone can have up to 4 speed dials.
    Please provide the number and the name you want associated with each number.

Additional useful information is available on the SJSU IT website.

More information about the Cisco voicemail system is available, here.