Phone Alternatives: Zoom and Google Hangout



Zoom is a video conferencing application available to CSUMB and SJSU affiliates (students, faculty, staff, etc.) Instructions for setting up Zoom may be found here. Users are able to host or join conference calls, video conference call, and share their screen (when having multiple displays, the user can pick which screen[s] to share).

The Group Study (Rm 103) and the Student Conference Room (Rm 414) have Mobile Presentation Units (MPUs). These units can be used to share your computer screen (like the Think Tank and Dry Classroom), or they can be used for video conferencing using Zoom. They are essentially TVs with a Cisco video conferencing system attached.

If you would like to use one of the units for a video conference, please indicate so on the appropriate reservation request form.


Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an easy way to video chat and hold meetings with up to 50 people. The service may be accessed online through the Gmail, Google+ websites, or mobile applications.

For more information and help visit G Suite Hangouts.