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Communications Software & Zoom

Collaboration & Communication Tools

Battery Recycling

Computer Hardware Upgrade & Managment E-Waste

  Recycle batteries and printer cartridges: There are bins in the shop for recycling old batter...

Recommended Anti-Malware Software

Security & Anti-Malware

    We recommend downloading an antivirus and anti-malware program. To ke...

Secure Password Storage & Management

Security & Anti-Malware

There are a many simple methods to securely store and manage numerous passwords. Although all met...

Phone Alternatives: Zoom and Google Hangout

Collaboration & Communication Tools Communications Software & Zoom

  Zoom Zoom is a video conferencing application available to CSUMB and SJSU affiliates (stude...

Hardware Upgrades: RAM and SSD

Computer Hardware Upgrade & Managment Computer Hardware Upgrades

  Memory Upgrades RAM: Random Access Memory ...

Computer Performance

Software Operating Systems

macOS macOS is Apple’s operating system for all Mac de...

WordPress FAQs

WordPress General Information

For WordPress FAQs, please visit the WordPress FAQs page on the WordPress R...

Information Security Overview

Security & Anti-Malware

  Every day, it seems there is another news story about the latest data breach, ransomware attac...

Zoom: Video Conferencing at MLML

Collaboration & Communication Tools Communications Software & Zoom

  Join a Zoom Meeting Screen Sharing in Zoom Meeting Start a Zoom Meeting Remot...

Computer Backup

Software Operating Systems

Quick Tips: How often should I backup my computer? It is re...

Software Availability (link)

Software General Software

See the Software Availability page on the IT Website.

IT Equipment Checkout

Classrooms & Academic Technology IT Equipment Checkout

Quick Tips: Many IT related items are available from the IT equipment library. If...

Google Calendars

Classrooms & Academic Technology Calendars & Reservations

  Manage your time and keep track of your schedule using Google Calendar. This calendar can sync...

Memory Upgrade Compatibility

Computer Hardware Upgrade & Managment Computer Hardware Upgrades

  Many online vendors have tools you can use to identify and purchase a memory upgrade for your ...

General Information


An introduction to WordPress and the resources available to help you build your website.

E-Waste Procedures

Computer Hardware Upgrade & Managment E-Waste

When throwing away any electronics, all data/information and any tags will need to be deleted/rem...

Check your AppleCare Status

Computer Hardware Upgrade & Managment Computer Hardware Upgrades

  You can quickly and easily check to see whether your Mac is still covered under your AppleCare...

Scan a Document Using the Konica Minolta Copiers

Printing, Print, Printers, Scanning, Co...

The Konica Minolta copiers in the Library and the Admin Copy room can scan documents directly to ...

Create a Scan to Email Account on the Konica Minolta Copiers

Printing, Print, Printers, Scanning, Co...

  Tap the touch screen to wake-up the copier If needed, tap the HOME button in the lower left...

How to Install a Network Printer

Printing, Print, Printers, Scanning, Co...

  macOS: NOTE: Refer to this post if you want to print to a Konica Minolta (admin/library) copi...

Migrating from your MLML gmail account to your SJSU account

Email & Gmail

MLML staff, faculty, and students will soon be asked to switch to primarily using their

A/V Studio and Equipment

Classrooms & Academic Technology

General information and how-to guides for the A/V equipment available for checkout at the IT Help...


Classrooms & Academic Technology

Information about Canvas, how to access & use it.

Duo 2-Factor Authentication

Security & Anti-Malware

Computer Management & Storage

Computer Hardware Upgrade & Managment

Helpful pages about how to manage, backup, and store data on your device. Also information about ...

CSU Learn

Classrooms & Academic Technology

How-To Guides


Instructions on how to accomplish various tasks in WordPress.

Change your macOS Login Password

Software Operating Systems

  macOS How to change your macOS Login Password