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Solve network connectivity issues on computers running macOS

If you are experiencing difficulty connecting to wifi at MLML on a Mac (authentication problems, wifi hanging but never connecting, etc.) try following the steps on this page to simplify your network settings and connect to eduroam.

Make sure Location is set to "Automatic":
  • Open System Preferences and go to the section named pane.png
  • At the top, click the Location: drop down and select Automatic if it is not already selected.
  • You may need to re-enter passwords for wifi networks.
  • Leave Location set to automatic, do not change it. This is a feature left over from old versions of OS X, where the operating system was not as good at automatically selecting the correct network.


Delete extra wifi networks:
  • In System Preferences Network, click Advanced to be taken to a list of wi-fi networks that you have previously connected to.


  • If any of these networks are in the list, delete them by clicking the "-" button below the list
    • moss

    • moss-guest
    • SJSU_Premier
  • Delete extra networks until the only MLML network remaining is eduroam.
  • Click OK, then Apply.