Microsoft Office Installation for Students

Note: If you are a student currently enrolled at MLML through SJSU or CSUMB, you can download Microsoft Office 365 for free using your school email account.

The Microsoft Office 365 Education package provides all of the software that students normally need, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

To download the package, please follow these directions carefully:

  1. Go to this link.
  2. Enter your school email address.
    • If you are an SJSU student, make sure you enter your address. If you are a CSUMB student, enter your address.
  3. Click the button that says "I'm a student".
  4. Enter the info needed to create a new account (You should have a new email in your corresponding inbox containing your verification code. If you don't see it immediately, be sure to check your spam folder).
  5. Once all of the information is entered, click start.
  6. Skip the invitations (or share with friends who might also need Office 365!)
  7. Arrow through the promotion/tutorial box that pops up.
  8. This should bring you to a page with Office 365 and a greeting at the top. From here you can choose to either download and install the entire 365 package for your computer (recommended if you have nothing on your computer), or just use the individual features from online.
  9. If you wish to install Office 365 on your computer, click the Install Office 2016 button in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  10. Double click the download to open the installer file.
  11. Complete installation.
  12. Sign in with the new account that you created to activate Office.

And voila! You should now have full access to Microsoft Office online and on your desktop.


Troubleshooting: What to do if the school sign in page does not work for you
If you get stuck at step #4 in this process because your school email address or password is deemed invalid, follow the guidelines below:

*Before you begin, make sure you are completely exited out of the Microsoft page and SJSU/CSUMB sign in page*

1) Log on to gmail in your web browser and sign in to your SJSU/CSUMB email

2) Click your name/account in the upper right corner and click "manage your google account"

3) Click "security" on the left hand side

4) Scroll down to "signing in to google" and click "password"

5) Follow the steps to reset your password

6) Exit out of the Gmail tab

7) Go back to the Microsoft sign up page and put in the new password you just made

8) It might take you through a series of verification steps for your phone number and a back-up email address - follow these steps

9) This should lead you to the school's Microsoft page, click "install office" in the upper right hand corner to download the suite