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Migrating from Dropbox to Google Backup and Sync


  1. Create a folder on Google Drive (web interface) which you would like to have synced with your Dropbox files. 
  2. Download and Install Google Backup and Sync
  3. Click on the Google Backup and Sync tray icon or quick launch icon (looks like a cloud with an up arrow)
  4. A setup window will pop up
  5. Sign in to your MLML Google Account
  6. In the “My Laptop” section (May say “My Desktop” if you have a Desktop or “My Macbook”, etc.), uncheck all boxes.
  7. In the Google Drive section, check the folder in your Google Drive you created earlier for your Dropbox files. It will also sync everything not in a folder (In your Google Drive base folder).
    1. If you would like to sync your entire Google Drive, check "Sync My Drive to this computer" at the top.
  8. Move your Dropbox files into the folder with the name that you created earlier, within the Google Drive folder on your computer.
  9. Finish up and let your files sync (this will take awhile)
  10. You can access these settings later by clicking on the Google Backup And Sync icon, clicking the three vertical dots icon, and clicking preferences