Using PowerPoint's Presenter View


Utilizing 2 monitors, and in this case a laptop with a VGA output, you can view all of your slides along with notes on your laptop screen and only the full screen presentation is seen on the VGA output (projector). 

NOTE: Before configuring PowerPoint, be sure that your computer is connected to an external display and that your video settings are configured as "extended desktop" or "dual view" rather than "mirrored" or "clone".

Here is a link on what Presenter View is all about and how to use it: ... 4736928ee3



Configure the Display Properties:

  1. Right click on your desktop and click on Properties
  2. Click on the settings tab.
  3. Click on the secondary monitor, in this case most of the time it will appear greyed out and have a 2 on it.
  4. Next check Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor and click OK.

Configure PowerPoint to use Presenter View:

  1. Connect your laptop to a projector or other external video device.
  2. In PowerPoint, on the Slide Show menu, click Set Up Show.
  3. Under Multiple monitors, select the Show Presenter View check box.
  4. In the Display slide show on list, click the monitor you want the slide show presentation to appear on.
  5. To start the presentation, click the start presentation icon, or press Shift+F5.



  1. Connect your laptop to a projector or other external video device.
  2. Open System Preferences.
  3. Select the Displays System Preference and click "detect displays"
  4. Open your PowerPoint presentation and click on: Slideshow > View Presenter Tools.