Gaining Access to ArcGIS Pro (SJSU)

To gain access to ArcGIS Pro, please follow the steps outlined below: 


Activating your ArcGIS Account
  1. Click this link to be taken to the ArcGIS portal.
  2. Click Sign in.
  3. Click SJSU Okta.
  4. Sign in with your SJSU TowerID number and password.
Downloading ArcGIS Pro 
  1. At the top right of the page, click your profile picture and click My settings.GIS_FULL_SELECT.png
  2. On the My Settings page, click the Licenses tab.
  3. Your user type, role, and assigned licenses are listed
  4. Next to ArcGIS Pro, click Download.
  5. Install the software following these dire, but rather than using the concurrent use license, launch ArcGIS Pro and click "Sign in with your organization's ArcGIS URL" during those direction's step 13, and follow from here.
  6. Enter sjsugis into the URL box and click Continue.
  7. Click SJSU Okta.
  8. Sign in with your SJSU TowerID number and password again.
  9. ArcGIS Pro will be activated and ready to use.




    ArcGIS Pro gives the error “ArcGIS Pro requires microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime (x64). To download and install Microsoft Windows Desktop Runtime - 6.0.5 (x64) or greater, visit the Microsoft website or contact your system administrator.”