Classroom iMac and Projector Instructions - Mac OS X

Classroom iMac and Projector Instructions - macOS:

  1. Wake up or power on the computer.
  2. Lower the projector screen.
  3. Power on the projector - Aim the remote at the projector and press the "Power" button, then wait for 10 to 20 seconds to allow the projector to power on.
  4. Verify that the video is displayed on the projector. The video signal should automatically be displayed on the projector. If the computer image does not display on the projector follow the procedure outlined below:
    1. Detect the projector:
      1. Open System Preferences. Click on the Apple menu and select the System Preferences Menu option.
      2. Click on the "Displays" preference pane.
      3. Click the "Detect Displays" button on the "Display" tab.
        (If the projector is not detected, check the connections at both ends of the video cable.)
    2. Change between mirror and extended desktop view:
      1. Open the "Displays" System Preferences pane.
      2. Click on the "Arrangement" tab, then check the "Mirror Displays" check-box to display the same image on the computer and the projector.
        (NOTE: To use Presenter View or Presenter Tools in PowerPoint, use the extended desktop setting. Uncheck the "Mirror Displays" setting to extend the desktop onto the projector screen.)
    3. Set the resolution (only if necessary):
      1. Open the "Displays" System Preferences pane.
      2. Click on the "Display" tab, then select a resolution that is compatible with the projector and the computer.
        ("1028 x 768 (stretched)" is generally the best balance of quality and compatibility.)
  5. When you are finished using the computer and projector, please do the following:
    1. Remove any storage devices from the computer. (CD/DVDs, flash drives, etc.)
    2. Leave the computer powered on and allow it to sleep. Click on the apple menu and select "Sleep".
    3. Power off the projector - Press the Off button on the remote, when prompted to confirm, press the Enter button.
    4. Raise the projector screen.
    5. Turn off the lights.
    6. Return borrowed equipment to the IT Help Desk cubicle.