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FAQs for Seminar and Defense Presenters

Preparation & Set Up:

Do I need to reserve the Seminar room?
    • If you are a MLML seminar speaker, this has been taken care of for you.
    • If you are using the seminar room for another type of presentation, you will have to reserve the seminar room.
      • Seminar Reservation Request Form
      • Fill out the required information > Click Submit
      • An email will be sent to the manager of that resource
      • A confirmation email will be sent to you when request has been processed
What type of equipment is provided in the Seminar room?
        • Epson Projector
          • Connects with an HDMI cable
            • HDMI to mini DisplayPort adapter available at podium
            • Need a different adapter? Please contact IT Help Desk
        • MacBook
          • We recommend you use our Macbook provided
          • Use of personal computer allowed with the aid of IT Help Desk Staff
        • Laser Pointer
        • Audio Cable
        • Timer
        • Tables and Chairs
        • Microphones
          • For seminars these microphones will be set to only record voices, not to project them to the audience
How early should I arrive to setup?
            • 30 minutes prior to your event/presentation start time.
Why is the provided computer recommended?
    • The MLML computer is recommended because it has been calibrated with our audio, streaming, and projecting equipment. If you insist on using your own computer we strongly recommend bringing a USB with your presentation on it as a backup.
    • Also allows for use of our Spotlight laser pointer, which can be seen through our capture device to those viewing virtually.
Will I be able to play audio or video during my presentation?
    • We will test your audio and video during the 30 minute set up period before your talk begins. If you are using your own computer then we will configure the equipment to work with your presentation to the best of our abilities.
What should I save my presentation as?
    • If you’re using PowerPoint, save your presentation as a portable PowerPoint presentation.
    • If you are not using PowerPoint, we recommend that you export a copy of your presentation to PowerPoint as a backup.
How should I format my presentation?
    • For best quality we recommend a 16:9 powerpoint presentation
      • Follow this link to learn how to format a 16:9 presentation
    • If presentation created in a pre-2011 version of MS Office PowerPoint, we recommend that you save your presentation as a portable PowerPoint presentation
      • Doing this will ensure any links and videos embedded in your presentation will be saved and transferred over without issue.
    • Save presentation on flash drive whether using our Macbook or your personal computer
What type of port do I need on my computer if I use my own?
    • MLML has an HDMI cord that will connect your computer to our projector.
    • If you do not have an HDMI port we have adapters you can use, we ask that if possible you let us know ahead of time what type you need.


Recording & Streaming:

What is the difference between MLML live streaming my talk publicly vs privately?
    • Public streams can be viewed live on MLML’s YouTube page by the general public, and can be watched publicly on MLML’s YouTube page once the talk is over.
    • Private streams are recorded as “Unlisted” on MLML’s YouTube page. This means that people can only view it who have the link. MLML provides the link to those in the MLML community who would like to watch the stream, but it is not provided publicly. It then is kept as Unlisted after the talk is over, so that it cannot be searched for or viewed on YouTube publicly.
Why do I have to be recorded?
    • All MLML seminars and defenses are recorded for MLML internal community but the speaker has option to make the presentation stream live to the public or not. This helps our facility improve in it’s streaming capabilities and keeps our records up-to-date.


Remote Presentations:

What application is used to video-call into the seminar presentation?
    • We use Zoom to host remote presentations. MLML will schedule a meeting through Zoom and send the link to you beforehand so you can video-conference in.
    • Make sure to install and test Zoom Client for Meetings ahead of time.
Will we practice set up beforehand?
    • Yes, MLML will schedule a practice presentation 1 week prior to your MLML presentation to work through all of the different aspects of the video-conference and audio/video configuration.
    • You will receive one email two weeks before your presentation to setup this practice presentation, so keep an eye out for that.
When should I call into the meeting the day of my presentation?
    • Please call into the meeting 60 minutes ahead of your presentation’s start time. Please provide your cell phone number as well so we can easily communicate for set up the day of your presentation.
How do I join the Zoom meeting?
    • Follow the Zoom meeting link we send via email, or manually enter the Zoom Meeting ID # from our email on your Zoom application under “Join Meeting”
    • Join the Zoom meeting with video, then join “Computer Audio”
    • Share your Desktop and start your slide show with first slide showing