GoPro HERO7 User Guide

To view GoPro's complete user manual for the HERO7, click this link.

Recording Video
  1. Power on the GoPro
    1. Press the Mode button the the right side of the camera
  2.  Ensure you are in video mode
    1. Swipe the touch screen until you see Video
  3. Set up the GoPro on a tripod, gimbal, or head/chest mount
  4. Press the shutter button to begin recording
  5. When you are finished recording, press the shutter button again.
  • Resolution: 2.7K
  • FPS: 60
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Field of View: Linear

**NOTE: IT will setup the GoPro with these settings, if you wish to change them you may do so, but please change them back.**

Changing Video Settings

  1. Tap the settings on the touch screen
  2. Change individual setting by tapping on them and selecting the new setting
Downloading Videos to Your Computer

Using the Quik Desktop App

  1. Download and install the Quik desktop app from
  2. Connect your camera to your computer using a USB-C cable
  3. Power on your camera and follow the on-screen instructions in the Quik app. 

Transferring Directly From the SD Card

  1. Remove the SD card from your camera.
    1. Power off the GoPro
    2. Hold down the latch release button and slide door open
    3. Eject the SD card by pressing it into the slot to release
  2. Insert the card into an SD card reader or adapter.
  3. Plug the card reader into your computer’s USB port or insert the adapter into the SD card slot.
  4. Copy the files to your computer.