Seminar Room Audio System Instructions

The Seminar Room is equipped with a built-in audio system that must be used to play audio from the computer on the podium (DVDs, internet video/music) or microphones. Instructions for setting up the audio system for these functions are below.

IMPORTANT! The A/V closet in the back of the Seminar Room is locked when not in use. Please obtain the key for the A/V closet from the Help Desk cubicle (Admin offices).

Set up computer audio: (for DVDs, internet video, and music)

  1. Power on the computer on the podium.
  2. Verify that the black audio cable on the podium is connected to the headphone jack on the computer and the 1/8" mini plug on the podium (between the left and center VGA/video ports on the podium).
  3. Open the A/V closet. In the A/V closet is a mixer (silver box on table) and an amp (large black box underneath table)
  4. Press the power button on the Power Amp at the bottom of the rack to turn on the audio system.
  5. Press the power button on the mixers.
  6. On the computer, start the audio or video you plan to play and adjust the volume on the computer to the desired level while the audio/video is playing.

PLEASE! Remember to turn off the amp and mixer, and lock the A/V closet door when you are finished.

Set up audio for microphones: (handheld and lapel mics are available)

  1. Please submit an IT Helpdesk Ticket to request assistance setting up the microphones. Thank you!

NOTE: The microphones must be checked out from the IT Help Desk cubicle located in the Admin office (Room 200).